The Flashforge Creator Pro - A Review

3D Printer Comparison: Flashforge Creator Pro

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December 17, 2015
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3D printing technology inspires our minds to think creatively and out of the box. It urges us to seek new ways to old solutions and improve how existing things work. Creativity shouldn’t have any boundaries, so that every individual can experiment and become an innovator.

The Flashforge Creator Pro is a solid desktop 3D printer with a full range of features for a great value. The all-new build platform system has been redesigned to provide a more stable vertical movement. Its full metal platform can withstand high print bed temperature and minimize warping. And the 3-point leveling mechanism makes leveling the print bed faster than before.

It is comes with an enclosed chassis and a more sturdy metal frame. The backbone of Creator Pro is a powder-coated steel frame that holds components together at various critical points. The result is a 3D printer that’s more stable and provides up to 60% increase in print speed compared to its predecessor. Its heavy-duty frame makes Creator Pro more durable too, giving it a solid stance anywhere it’s placed. It’s relatively larger volume enables it to print two materials at the same time.

Creator Pro has a lot of open space for your creations to build on. Its print bed stretches 9 inches across and 6 inches deep. And with a maximum build height of 5.7 inches, the print bed is large enough to fit three 12-ounce beverage cans with more room to spare at the top. Current owners have unanimously described their Creator Pro as giving “absolute best 3D printer value for the money”, thanks in no small part to the setup and plug ‘n’ play user experience. It’s versatile features allow you to print using WiFi, SD and USB, giving the user complete convenience with their 3D printing needs.

The Creator Pro also comes with dual extruders which enables it to print two materials at the same time. This desktop 3D printer prints ABS, PLA, nylon, dissolvable filament, and even composite materials such as wood and metal. The extruders also can be modified to print flexible and other composite materials that may come out in the future. Print quality has been reported as top of the line.

The Creator Pro is considered to be very reliable and consistent with good precision and countless possibilities. This printer also costs relatively less than other standard 3D printers in the market. For all all of these awesome feature we have listed, this desktop 3D printer can be yours for only P65,000.

VAT exclusive. This price point is hard to beat considering all of the included features. Maintenance is straightforward and simple. Spare parts are also readily available so that repairs will not take too long. Over the years, Flashforge has proven itself as an established manufacturer and their customer support is very reliable according to several 3D Printer comparison reviews.

The Creator Pro is highly recommended for anyone looking for a versatile, durable and high quality Desktop 3D printer that will give you the best value for your money.