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3D Printed Sonograms as Extraordinary Souvenir for Expecting Parents

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3D Printed Sonograms as Extraordinary Souvenir for Expecting Parents
3D Printed Sonogram
 They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But how about a 3D printed photo? Maybe that could be up to three thousand words! For expecting parents, after an ultrasound of the womb, a sonogram of the baby is where they will see them first. But for blind parents, it may be hard to do so. This is when a doctor thought of 3D printing it so they can feel their baby.

Ultrasound of a baby

Expecting a baby is one of the most thrilling moments for parents, especially when it’s their very first. Nine months of anticipation is long enough for any parent to get too excited and curious what their little bundle of joy will look like when it comes out to see the world for the first time. Thanks to our modern technology today, expecting parents now have the chance to somehow see their baby inside the womb – in 3D.
The earlier ultrasound machines can only generate 2D images that reveal a few details about the fetus development. The sonogram printout has a black and white low-resolution output that needs a little of one’s imagination to even distinguish where the baby’s body parts are. Now that the technology has improved, resolution and quality of images are higher and perfect.

3D Imaging In Medicine

3D imaging became an instant hit in the field of medical technology, where parents-to-be could see a rather comprehensive 3D image of their unborn child, facial features, etc. With these 3D sonograms, parents now have the opportunity to print out the 3D image of their baby into a concrete 3D model. And that is a very unique keepsake idea for expecting parents, a fantastic reminder about their journey as a couple and a family.
As we have mentioned earlier in this blog, blind parents can now feel their babies using 3D printing technology. One doctor in Sau Paolo, Brazil has done it.  He used a 3D printer to print lifelike models with the help of the images by a GE ultrasound machine. “From the moment we got to the high-quality ultrasound exam, through the possibility of 3D printing it, I realized that it could also serve to enhance the prenatal experience of visually impaired pregnant women,” the doctor stated.
The mother, Ana Paula agreed with their doctor. “Holding the small fetus at 12 weeks is an indescribable feeling,” she says. “Following up on our son’s evolution allowed us to have this feeling of being whole because we feel with our hands.”

3D printed version of a sonogram

For couples planning to have a 3D ultrasound checkup, keep the files of the sonograms with you and visit the nearest 3D printing shop and have it converted to any type of file compatible for 3D printing. Then have them printed and go home with one of the most extraordinary souvenirs new parents can have!
We can help you 3D print it. You can hang it on your wall in your living room or bedroom. Contact us now!