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3D Printed Prosthetics: Giving Patients A Hand in Improving the Quality of Life

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The future of replacement limb technology is now within your reach! If you are one of the millions of physically unique individuals around the world that require the use of a prosthetic limb, prepare to be amazed. actually, a person will be wowed even if they do not have any prosthetic limbs.

When people first heard of prosthetic limbs, many thought it was only possible in movies especially the science fiction ones. However, they have been considered as a godsend to countless unique individuals.

Well, it is true that technology never stands still. Not to mention, designers, inventors, and creative artists have not rested on their laurels either. No, my dear readers, these creative creatures keep pushing the frontiers of technology.

Making traditional prosthetics can involve a lot of work and expertise to produce and fit. Patients will have to exert so much effort not only with the work but also for time and money. Many patients might need to travel long hours just to go to a hospital or clinic that does prosthetic limbs. moreover, it takes so much time to assess their situation, make the prosthetic, then fit it to the patient. Because of the slow and very time-consuming process, prosthetic making is one of the most sought-after medical tools that need to be improved.

It has resulted in many people needing prosthetic limbs and they need it faster. Good thing, there is now digital 3D sculpting. It has resulted to more 3D printed prosthetic to help less fortunate people. not only that, but it is also faster and easier to make. But how exactly does digital 3D sculpting and prosthetics work?

3D printing or additive manufacturing has been improving other aspects and fields of science. It has positively impacted other industries like the automotive and the clothing industries. It has been manufacturing and making things faster than ever. Also, it has created variations and different sizes for many of the needed medical devices for people. however, people aren’t really that surprised with the improvements and new technology that 3D printing is discovering. Most of them think it will just improve furthermore in the future.

With digital 3D sculpting, doctors can create a prosthetic leg or an arm based on their patients’ individual needs, such as an extendable arm that allows him or her to easily go down and reach whatever is on the floor. Just like printing in papers and documents, printing prosthetic is getting faster and easier. it is as easy as pressing print on the monitor after scanning and assessing everything needed. After pressing the print, the 3D printer will do all the work. It is just the fitting that will happen next. After that, the patient will happily use their prosthetic.  

Moreover, there are now printers that use different materials like lightweight titanium, which improves strength and durability. Furthermore, other natural and more comfortable materials are being used to 3D print prosthetics.

Professionals have perfected traditional prosthetic designs over many years and will be difficult to replace overnight. Yet, a 3D printed prosthetic leg or arm provides a much-needed service for amputees who don’t possess the income to purchase a professionally made prosthetic, and especially for children, who outgrow prosthetics more readily. Methods and materials will be improved and refined over time. Thanks to digital 3D sculpting, amputees all around the world may get back the quality of life they enjoy.

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