3D Modeling Makes Every Action Film Believable

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3D Modeling Makes Every Action Film Believable
3D modeling in movies

Are you a fan of Marvel movies? How about other action films? You’re probably wondering how in the world they do those awesome things. Well, wonder no more because we will introduce you to the world of 3D modeling!

3D modeling is the technology that helps your action movies look cooler and better. It helps in creating a 3D digital representation of most things. There is no limit as to how the model will look like as long as time will let them. Whether it is an animated action film or just one with CGI, trust us when we say 3D modeling was part of making it.

3D Modeling in the Film Industry

The evolution of CGI (Computer-generated imagery) became much stronger in the 1990s. According to experts “it led to the emergence of virtual cinematography where runs of the simulated camera are not constrained by the laws of physics.” Meaning, no camera is needed for the CGI and visual effects as 3D modeling is there to the rescue.

Impossible scenes and plotlines became possible because of 3D modeling and animation. production and crew need not make big prosthetics and props for fictitious characters of action and fantasy films.

There are tons of companies that help movie producers and directors make their films into perfection, or at least as much as to their heart’s (and budget) content. Blockbuster movies like the whole franchise of Avengers, Disney films like “How to Train Your Dragon”, and the whole X-Men series and its spin-offs are an example of films that uses 3D modeling.

As for television series, according to Concept Art Empire, the infamous HBO series “Game of Thrones” is one of the productions that maximize the use of 3D modeling. Together with animation, they design everything for a mockup of every episode before filming.

CGI Avatar

Source: avatarblog

Probably one of the most famous 3D modeled or animated movies is Avatar. Most part of the movie is CGI like the otherworld and the characters. It is a perfect example of how films are getting better with 3D modeling!

3D Models of Fictional Characters

The dinosaurs at the Jurassic Park movies, the dragons of Khaleesi, King Kong, and other fictional characters that aren’t human beings are most likely 3D modeled from scratch.

3D modeling dragons of GOT

Source: Washington Post

Just looking at them can make us believe that they do exist. With how they are perfectly 3D modeled and animated to fit into every scene in the movies and TV series is just amazing!

3D modeled dinosaur

Source: Business Insider

These films are definitely more believable than the films we have here in the Philippines. The way these 3D modeled characters are made is just pure finesse and you can totally see a lot of hard work and effort put into it. Sadly, we don’t have anything like it in the Philippines. Our action films are still below average and more often than not, the effects are a laughing stock.

Stepping It Up!

If you want caliber action films with great VFX, you definitely need to learn about 3D modeling. But if you don’t have time for all of it, you may simply Contact 3D2GO and get our 3D modeling service. We can start from scratch and create any character you like!