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Why 3D Designs Are Important In Interior Architecture

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October 9, 2018
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Let’s all admit—the majority of us really value the aesthetic appearance of a place. We all desire to go to places or own a home considered as instagrammable, a very popular term derived from a photo and video-sharing social networking service. Because of this trend, the need for interior architecture services increases.

More than aesthetic reasons

The humans’ desire to be in an eye-pleasing place is not only limited to beauty. There is a deeper reason why many people love beautiful places — be it indoors or outdoors.

In psychology, the appearance of a place has a direct emotional impact on humans. In an article published in Psychology Today Magazine, it was stated that “interior design elements have the ability to evoke positive or negative emotional response in people.” These elements normally include colors, spaciousness, natural elements, and furniture’s textures and shapes.

There is no wonder, therefore, why many people are so propelled to share their photos in beautiful places — it is a part of the human nature to share to the world all that is beautiful and remarkable.

The face of the modern interior architecture

In its technical definition, two-dimensional or 2D designs are those which contain information such as the height and width of an object. However, it does not support the object’s thickness. While these are important aspects in the architectural industry, we all know that there already exists better designs compared to this: the three-dimensional or 3D drawings.

In this era of innovation, 3D designs are essential.

Two-dimensional drawings may appear simple and easier to create, but for people who have little or no background in architecture, they will have a hard time analyzing what it means. Three-dimensional designs, on the other hand, appears easier to the human eye. Although it includes more complex process and software to create, humans can perceive it better because it already looks like the actual place.

How can 3D interior designs boost sales

As compared to 2D drawings, 3D designs can give you higher chances of closing successful sales. Why? The answer is simple: aesthetics. Three-dimensional designs are more interactive. It gives you finer control over details and an overall view of the project. It also eliminates the need to make an effort to visualize or draw a mental picture of how it would look like because the final look is already right in front of your eyes.

Convert your design from 2D to 3D

Not an architect or an expert in using CAD? Don’t worry! Our modelers at 3D2GO can help you turn your 2D drawings into an interactive and realistic 3D model!

It does not matter if you don’t have the technical skills to do that, or you are just so busy that you can’t put your hands on doing its 3D version.

Our 3D design services shorten the design cycle and enhance the manufacturing process.

So if you are planning to build your own home, change the interior design of your shop, or improve the marketing of your interior architecture business, turn to 3D2GO!

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