Where Can I Buy A Customized 3D Cake Topper? | 3D2GO Philippines

Where Can I Buy A Customed 3D Cake Topper?

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Where Can I Buy A Customed 3D Cake Topper?
Where Can I Buy A Customed 3D Cake Topper?

What customized cakes Manila is lacking?

We understand how difficult things are right now. Most celebrations have been put on hold due to the pandemic. It doesn’t help that you have to commemorate such an occasion at such a delicate time.

We hope that we can help make your celebrations a little brighter.

It is not an everyday event where you get to marry your forever love. So who says that just because there is a pandemic, a grand celebration is no longer possible? 

You can buy customized cakes, but it will look drab without any decoration. So our suggestion is simple: cake toppers.


What are cake toppers made of?

Out of all the raw materials for 3D printing in use today, plastic is the most common, especially at 3D2GO.

Plastic is one of the most diverse materials for 3D-printed toys and household fixtures. 

Products made with this technique include desk utensils, vases, action figures, and even a 3D cake topper. Plastic filaments are sold on spools and can have either a matte or shiny texture.

With its firmness, flexibility, smoothness, and bright range of color options, the appeal of plastic is easy to understand. Furthermore, it is a relatively affordable option.

Plastic products are generally made with FDM printers. The types of plastic used in this process are usually made from one of the following materials:

Polyastic acid (PLA)

An eco-friendly option sourced from natural products like sugar cane and corn starch and is therefore biodegradable. 

Available in soft and hard forms, plastics made from polyastic acid are expected to dominate the 3D printing industry in the coming years. Hard PLA is the stronger and therefore more ideal material for a broader range of products.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

Alternately referred to as “LEGO plastic,” the material consists of pasta-like filaments that give ABS its firmness and flexibility.

ABS is available in various colors that make the material suitable for products like stickers and toys. Increasingly popular among craftspeople, ABC is also used to make jewelry and vases.

Polyvinyl Alcohol Plastic (PVA)

A low-cost option for temporary-use items.

As it is commonly used in low-end home printers, PVA is a suitable plastic for support materials of the dissolvable variety. 

Polycarbonate (PC)

Less frequently used than the other types, PC only works in 3D printers that feature nozzle designs and that operate at high temperatures.

PCs can also be used to make low-cost plastic fasteners and molding trays.


Get your cake toppers 3D printed!

At 3D2GO our cake toppers are for any occasion. And by any, we mean that you could reuse it after a wash. We call this a wonderful idea because not only can it be for fancy occasions. 

It could give your daily meals more flavor. Use them to decorate toast and fruit for a picnic in the garden with your kids.

We don’t rely on toothpicks for a stand. They eventually fall apart and ruin the rest of your aesthetic.

Read other articles for more information on your personalized 3D printed ideas. 

Get in touch with us by sending us files in .obj or .stil format in our email address management@my3d.com.ph.  You can also reach us through our Facebook and Instagram pages today!