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Best Cake Topper Designs You Can Put in a Homemade Cakes

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Best Cake Topper Designs You Can Put in a Homemade Cakes
Best Cake Topper Designs You Can Put in Homemade Cakes

Best Cake Topper Designs For Every Homemade Cakes 

Cake topper designs are very popular on every occasion. It gives a “special touch” to every sweet delicacy. Besides that, cake toppers are highly customizable. You can do anything you want with its design.

Speaking of customizing, people love it when you make everything by yourself. It shows initiative and effort on your end. That is why cake toppers and homemade cakes can go hand-in-hand to make any occasion special. In this article, we check the best homemade cake ideas and its corresponding cake toppers.

Homemade Birthday Cake Topper Designs

Let’s start with the most common occasion where cake is a must-have. Birthday celebrations are just once a year. We are all trying our best to make it as special as possible for our loved ones. With this in mind, let us take a look at some homemade cake ideas. We will go the extra mile by giving you cake topper ideas too.

White Mountain Layer Cake with Marshmallow Buttercream

If you are planning a white-themed party then, this is the perfect cake for you. This immaculate looking cake will change how you taste white. It has a rich and creamy outer layer with a fluffy texture inside. On top of that, it has a Marshmallow Buttercream on its upper deck.

For a cake topper idea, you can play along with the cake’s white appearance. You can have a frosty looking princess sitting on top of the Marshmallow Buttercream. However, if you feel a little bold you can always do contrasting colors. 

As a neutral color, white can go along with almost every color. You can dress the birthday celebrant’s cake toppers with something colorful to standout in all of its whiteness. Try to do a mix and match, we’re pretty sure you will get the best color combination.

Heaven and Hell Cake

If you can’t tell whether the celebrant is naughty or nice, then try this cake idea. This multilayered cake has peanut butter mousse and milk chocolate ganache. Surely, anyone who tastes it will get an “OMG!” and “Hell Yeah!” sensation at the same time.

As confusing as it is, there are a lot of cake topper designs that can go along with this cake. For starters, you can do an angel and evil body for the celebrant’s face. Let the guests decide which one is more appropriate. Try to play along with the nice and naughty concept of the cake.

Art Inspired Birthday Cake

This one is not a cake recipe but rather a cake design. This is perfect for an artsy birthday celebrant. You can recreate their best painting on top of the cake. It is highly customizable and very close to the celebrant’s interest too.

Meanwhile, you can put their head on the body of one famous artist. For example, do a Mona Lisa-inspired cake and use a Leonardo Da Vinci cake topper. Or you can put their favorite sculpture on top of the cake. Imagine a Pietà cake topper on top of a Renaissance inspired cake? Classic!

Animal Lover Birthday Cake

For pet lovers out there, this one’s for you. You can recreate the celebrant’s favorite animal in the shape of a cake. You can use different ingredients on it too to make it more appealing in their eyes. For sure, they will appreciate your effort in giving them what they love.

It’s pretty easy to think of a cake topper design here. Of course, the first thing that comes into our mind are animal cake toppers. However, where’s the creativity in there? 

If you want to go beyond your imagination, try an animal cake topper with the celebrant’s head. Make them look like their favorite pet. Furthermore, make it more interesting by putting the animal’s head in the celebrant’s body. It will definitely be the highlight of the celebration.

Cupcake Topper Designs

If you are a minimalist and just want to do a small cupcake. Here are some cupcake topper ideas for you:

  • Comic characters standing on top of every cupcake.
  • Family members cake topper design.
  • Celebrant’s cake topper as a candle stand
  • Favorite K-Pop artist’s cake topper.
  • Cocomelon cake toppers
  • Hot wheels cake toppers
  • Celebrant as a Disney Princess

There are still a lot of cupcake topper designs out there. At the end of the day, the best design is whatever it is that is closest to the celebrant’s heart.

Where Can You Design Cupcake Toppers Online?

Doing homemade cakes and cupcakes may be easy. All you need to do is to look for a recipe online and you’re good to go. However, where can you find cake toppers online? What materials do you need in making them? Can you do it alone?

Good thing there is 3D2GO. We are an online end-to-end 3D printing company. Our service includes scanning, designing, and printing. You also do not have to worry if you can’t go outside as we are available to talk with you online.

You can contact our designers through our social media if you want to print some cake toppers. They can assist in designing before proceeding in actual printing. We will deliver the product to your home once it’s done.

The best birthday gift ever is just one click away. Contact us today to get an idea on how to maximize our 3D services!