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Trophies and Other Things You Can Offer to Promote Employee Retention

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Trophies and Other Things You Can Offer to Promote Employee Retention
3D printed trophies

If you are the owner or manager of a business, there is nothing more saddening than seeing your employees come and go. This could be a sign that there is something wrong with the system. Worse, it could be an indication that there is something employees don’t like about you. On some levels, this spells inefficiency on your part.

We have seen or heard about it many times: employees resigning one after the other because of different reasons. But no matter what it is, it would be best to give the incident a second look. Investigate the matter and try a little self-evaluation. Because if employee retention is a problem in your business, it may be time to consider evaluating office policies and other things.

Here, we give you few pointers on how to keep the best employees and inspire those who may be falling short. Who knows, that simple giveaway item you offer may be all you need to increase employee productivity.

Give awards to the deserving – A great way to reward your employees is to give them personalized trophies. These individuals have been toiling hard every single day for the good of the company. If they see that their efforts are being appreciated, they will continue giving their best every working day. A simple yet elegant trophy that can be 3D printed would surely push a hardworking employee to further improve their craft.

3D printed trophy

Source: I.materialse

3D printed trophy

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Apart from trophies and citations, awards can also come in the form of free meals, extra leave credits, weekend parties, and more. If you are feeling generous, then a salary raise is best.

Offer freebies – By nature, people love receiving gifts. You can distribute giveaway items like ball pens, coffee mugs, bags, wine glasses, and more. We know a local company where the management distributes giveaway items to their employees every month. To save money, you can go to 3D-printed giveaway products. Contact us so we can tell you how it’s done.

Give away gift certificates – Much like freebies, gift certificates or gift vouchers are a good motivator for employees. Here in the Philippines, it is common for employers to regularly give gift certificates to top-performing employees. How could anyone say no to a 50 percent discount voucher for a salon or a 500 pesos worth of gift certificate for a coffee shop?

Organize fun activities – Give your hardworking employees a break by setting a date for a company beach outing or a simple group luncheon. You can have games and offer giveaway items or 3D-printed trophies to the winners. This is also a good way to build strong relationships within your team. Because in any office, teamwork is essential.

A little smile never hurts – Employees love a boss who is approachable. When you smile often, you exude a friendly vibe. This way, your subordinates can easily relate to you and this would translate even outside of work. Be a friend to your subordinates and they will reward you with strong work ethics.

For more information about the things you can give your employees, don’t hesitate to contact us!