More Than Just A 3D Printed Anime Figure

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More Than Just A 3D Printed Anime Figure
3d printed anime figure

3D printed anime figure in conventions

We know that the current pandemic has put a halt in these kinds of mass gatherings. In a way, your passion is cut off. No place to squeal your heart out upon the reminder that Tanjiro loves his sister and is ready to fight off the demons for her. No place to make predictions from your deck of Clow cards. No place to flaunt your very heavy and hard to assemble cosplay costumes. But also there’s no place to buy your anime figurines.

Online sellers are pretty packed with these figurines. Even before the pandemic, they already have a stable market. But it’s still sad to see how we can no longer ogle at them physically because we want to save up. Conventions let us trade and choose before purchase. We are able to see if there is anything wrong with our purchased figurine. And even if you already have built the trust from your regular supplier, it is still different when you get to see your collectible figurines personally. You are assured that it is of high quality. 

Here at 3D2GO, you can have them 3D printed instead. We assure you that with the given dimensions, we would give you nothing but perfect.

A summary of the 3D printed anime figure types

While there might be many anime figure types out there on the market, 3D2GO discuss the most common figure types known as:

Prize figures

  • Great starting point for anime figure collectors
  • Often smaller in size, around the 140mm mark
  • One solid piece of PVC. But clothes can be separate
  • Simplistic when it comes to design
  • Low quality when it comes to painting and sculpting
  • Not measured or designed to scale

Scale figures 

  • Sculpted to scale.
  • Often around 210mm
  • Sometimes have moveable parts
  • Most times they are solid PVC
  • May include a few accessories

Figma / Action figures

  • Smaller and lighter PVC figures
  • Designed for action poses with its translucent brace
  • May include a few accessories


  • Smaller PVC figures
  • Usually presented in chibi design
  • Around 100mm
  • Parts and joints can be disconnected from the body
  • Come with many tiny pieces: alternate faces, hands, and other accessories

Pop figures

  • Small vinyl figures
  • Aren’t necessarily anime figurines: could be from movies or any other fandom
  • Designed with giant heads, black dots for eyes, and tiny stick bodies

All these figures are mostly fixed figures. But here at 3D2GO, we can have it personalized according to the pose, size, or even the face and body you require. We’re also not limiting you to the sizes. We can create a whole new type of figurine from your own ideas.

Customize your 3D printed anime figure with 3D2GO

Before availing of our services, we want you to know of the following:

Once you see the considerations, it would be easy to understand why they come in pricey.

  1. What affects the price the most is the material used for printing. We use materials that are durable and easily shapeable. 
  2. Another thing to consider is the design of the model. Complex or not, we want to give you quality printed products. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, we think of how durable it will be. For this, we either need or suggest the thickness of the base for the support. Thicker support means more materials. More materials mean that the price would increase as well. Pricey. But hey. You got a stable project that can stand on its own.
  3. Lastly, the post process also affects the price. It depends on how intricate the details are. There could be parts that are too small. Or maybe the design is just one of its kind. The complexity would also need the usage of more resin just to meet the needed detail. In turn, post processing is being affected. With the use of more resing, there would be a larger need for polishing. You can forget this last consideration. That is if you don’t mind having a rough finish instead of smooth perfection.

Other than these? We want nothing more but to create the impossible for you.

Get in touch with us! Send us files in .obj or .stil format in our email address

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