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Looking to 3D-Print Visual Arts Masterpieces? Here’s Our Top Picks

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Looking to 3D-Print Visual Arts Masterpieces? Here’s Our Top Picks

Visual arts are around us. Any piece of art that is visible to the eye is classified under visual arts. It can be something to hand on your walls like a painting or something to decorate your entire house with, such as ceramics. They also include sculpture, photography, drawing, architecture the list goes on.

As much as you want to own one, some of them can get really expensive and hard to acquire. For how can you get a hold of that unique home décor from China if it’s always out of stock? How can you include that piece of jewelry to your collection if it has a hefty price tag?

The answer is visual arts replication, which is made possible by 3D printing. With this technology, you can have a miniature Statue of Liberty which you can display in your front yard to welcome guests. Perhaps you can create that full set of kitchenware that you have always wanted.

Here, we list some visual arts masterpieces that can be had with help from 3D2Go, potentially the best 3D printing service provider the Philippines has ever seen.

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci – One of the most replicated pieces of art in the world is Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. It has found its way to countless Filipino homes. Paintings like The Scream by Edvard Munch and Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh also come to mind.

The Oblation by Guillermo Tolentino – Even if you aren’t from the University of the Philippines, there is little chance that you are not familiar with this iconic statue. Yes, it’s the man facing upwards with arms outstretched. Show how much you love your Alma Mater by having a miniature version in your house.

Pieta by Michelangelo – Finding a Filipino home without a single religious figurine could be a tall order. That’s because the Philippines is predominantly Catholic, and Filipino families like to adorn their abodes with something that would pronounce their religious beliefs. What better way to do it than 3D printing a masterpiece like the Pieta.

Image source: Scan The World

Dali Atomicus by Philippe Halsman – Philippe Halsman is as great a photographer as he is a painter. Just thinking about the amount of time he needed (six hours) to finish this masterpiece of a portrait, you’d realize that it truly deserves to be replicated, with all due respect.

Decorative Arts From Various ArtistsThere are countless decorative arts from different artists around the world. Look into the mantel clocks from Austria, gild chalices from France, centerpieces from Hungary, wine pots from China, and much more from the East all the way to the West.

The masterpieces mentioned above are just ideas. Of course, you can 3D-print pretty much anything you want. Where physical components are involved, you can rest assured that 3D printing extends a hand. That being said, be mindful of existing laws when replicating masterpieces. Give us a call or send us an email at 3D2Go so we can give you more ideas.