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Industry News: France’s 3D Printed House, Stomach Monitor, 3D Printed Shoes, Pokemon, And Rocket Tech

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First Residence Of France’s 3D Printed Yhnova House

Another 3D printed house is now available for its first ever residents! The livable 3D printed home is in France, in the city of Nantes.

It is a collaboration project between the University of Nantes, Bouygues Construction, Lafarge Holcim, the Nantes Métropole Habitat organization, and TICA architectes & urbanistes. It is called the Yhvona and it is a 95 m house.

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3D Printed Stomach Monitor

Diagnosing a stomach illness was super hard before. The tube might be needed to be inserted into a patient’s mouth or nose and up to their stomach. However, that is not the case anymore.

Thank the researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and University of California at San Diego because they have created the 3D printed stomach monitor. This new kind of apparatus can help identify gastro-intestinal problems with much lesser pain.

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Reebok’s New 3D Printed Shoes

If you are not a fan of New Balance, Adidas or Nike but loves sneakers, you might want to take a look at Reebok’s newest 3D printed shoes!

The new shoes were from their project in 2016, the Liquid Factory technology. They named the new shoe model the ‘Liquid Floatride Run’. These new shoes are 20 percent lighter than their usual shoes. It also has two new unique features, the liquid lace, and the liquid grip.

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3D Printed Cubone Mask For Pokemon Lovers’ Dog

Thingiverse users have done it again! Great news for Pokemon lovers and dog owners! There is a 3D file that can be downloaded for free and it is a Cubone mask for dogs!

User [Aolesin] has uploaded and shared his bone mask 3D file for all dog owners out there. However, the user suggested that the mask should not become “a long-term costume since dogs usually don’t enjoy this type of thing on their face.”

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Relativity Space Expands Rocket Tech With $35M

After the series B funding, Relativity Space has gathered $35 million for their fund. It was for further research about rocket science and space explorations.

They will manufacture more rockets and will use metal 3D printing for it. They now have a total of $45 million dollars in funding and most of them are from donors like Social Capital, Y Combinator Continuity, and Mark Cuban.

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