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Industry News: Dog Gets 3D Printed Mask, Starbucks’ Tea Bar, Ear-Shaped Vasculature, Living Tattoo, And Wi-Fi Without Battery

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December 7, 2017
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December 12, 2017

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog, Loca, Gets 3D Printed Mask

After the brutal biting incident that Loca encounter, she needed a reconstructive surgery. Good thing, the University of California Davis’ Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service (DOSS), and the biomedical engineering students from the College of Engineering helped her get it.

Loca was first CT scanned to see what happened to her jaw. The results showed that she needed immediate medical attention and the crushed bones in her face need to be removed. After the surgery, the doctors 3D printed a mask, also known as, maxillofacial recovery device or Exo-K9.



2nd Ever Roastery of Starbucks Opens In Shanghai And It Features A 3D Printed Tea Bar

The newly opened Starbucks’ roaster in Shanghai is the most ambitious project of the coffee chain ever. It is also the first ever immersive coffee experience in Asia.

It has different sections with the main attraction, the tea bar that is 3D printed. It also has 3 different coffee bars plus the 2-floor roaster in the middle. Starbucks sees China as one of their largest growing markets as they open a store every day in the said country.



IRNAS Researchers 3D Prints Ear-Shaped Vasculature

3D bioprinting is getting better and better each day as the researchers are developing more and more. There are signs of progress each day and in Slovenia, Symbiolab at the Institute IRNAS have discovered new things.

Using their Vitaprint bioprinter platform, the researchers were able to 3D print an ear-shaped thing using “freeform perfusable vessel systems in biocompatible hydrogels.” This type of 3D printing is really hard to do. There are only a few discoveries on exactly how to do it but the IRNAS have added to the few.

“We’re currently devising new protocols to fabricate vessel systems from other hydrogels to make it more versatile and useful for tissue engineering research. Currently, structures are possible using gelatin and alginate,” Symbiolab said.



‘Living Tattoo’ That Responds To Its Environment

Some MIT engineers have created a tattoo that can react to its environment, especially destructive chemicals.

The “living tattoo” looks like a tree. It is made of bioink that are made up of living cells and hydrogel. It is put in a person’s skin and when chemicals reach the skin, it lights up.

“This is very future work, but we expect to be able to print living computational platforms that could be wearable,” explained Hyunwoo Yuk, an MIT graduate researcher and a co-author on the paper.



3D Printed Plastic Turns Into Wi-Fi Connectors

How would you react if you learned that some 3D plastic objects can give you access to the Wi-Fi connection even without other electronic devices?

Researchers at University of Washington have developed a way to gather data and communicate with the Wi-Fi devices without the help of other electronic devices using only 3D plastic objects that have sensors.

The researchers used “backscatter techniques, which allow devices to exchange information.” To make the 3D printed plastic objects. These objects’ CAD are now free to downloads



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