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Industry News: 3D Printed Motorcycle, Metal 3D Printing, Monsterpalooza, NASA, And GE

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Optimized 3D Printed Motorcycle

Another lightweight 3D printed motorcycle was created thanks to the collaboration of three companies.

The first company that is part of the collaboration is ECOSSE Moto Works, a manufacturer of luxury, limited-production motorcycles. Another company is ParaMatters, a leader in autonomous topology optimization and generative lightweight design. Last but not the least is Renishaw, a leading manufacturer of advanced metal additive manufacturing systems.

These three companies 3D printed the upper mounting bracket of the motorcycle without hurting the structural performance.

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3D Systems Teams Up With Navy

The U.S. Navy is one of the government departments that has been using 3D printing technology to its advantage. This time, they are focusing on metal 3D printing together with 3D Systems, one of the pioneer companies regarding 3D printing.

The two will be collaborating with Huntington Ingalls Industries, specifically its Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) division. They want to build naval warships and this is one way they find to be easier and more efficient.

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3D Printing In the FX Industry

Just last month, the annual Monsterpalooza was held. Tons and tons of movie and comics enthusiasts have gathered to take a look at different displays of characters.

Oculus Medium team was excited to attend since they have created new monsters.  “I pitched that, for the next Monsterpalooza, we should do a creature based on Carlos’s design,” Nakpil says in the documentary. “I really wanted to pull off the very signature Carlos forms that you see in his work, which are essentially some of the toughest to do in sculpture”, he added.

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NASA Successful With 3D Printed Combustion Chambers

NASA’s ‘Low-Cost Upper Stage-Class Propulsion’ project has used additive manufacturing to create high-pressure/high-temperature combustion chambers and nozzles using copper alloys.

Recently, NASA has achieved what they want, they successfully hot-fire tested a combustion chamber. It was created using different 3D printing techniques. They did it at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. It is a collaboration effort between Marshall, Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

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3D Printing In Fashion: Handbags And Coat Exhibition

GE sponsored the ‘Industry in 3D’ conference. There, many 3D printed things related to automotive, aerospace and medical uses were displayed. However, there were also simple things like 3D printed bicycle components, skateboard trucks, eyeglasses, and smartphones.

But a 3D printed coat and handbag by Alexis Walsh and Justin Hattendorf caught the attention of many. They have been collaborating and making coats and the displayed is the sixth one.

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