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Industry News: 3DP4ME 3D Prints Hearing Aids, Shark Inspired 3D Printed Objects, 3D Printed Synthetic Foam, And Many More

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February 8, 2018
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February 14, 2018

3DP4ME Will Give 3D Printed Hearing Aids To People In Need

Holy Land Institute for the Deaf together with volunteer organization 3DP4ME is planning to distribute 3D printed hearing aid ear molds to fewer advantage people in the Middle East.

3DP4ME’s fast 3D scanning and 3D printing can manufacture more than 1000 hearing aid molds per year. But before that, the company has set up a foundation and a fundraiser that is looking to collect $10,000.

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Shark-Inspired Drones, Planes, And Wind Turbines

Harvard University researchers have made the scariest predator underwater, sharks, as an inspiration for the latest design of their drones, planes, cars, and wind turbines.

“Both are designed to efficiently move through a fluid (water and air), using the shape of their bodies to generate lift and decrease drag,” reads a press release about the research. “The difference is, sharks have about a 400-million-year head start on the design process.”

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3D Printed Synthetic Foam

Some of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering researchers has discovered how to 3D print synthetic foam that can be used for submarine manufacturing, aircraft making, and shipbuilding.

Its materials can be used to build those things because it has the capacity to withstand a great amount of stress, and its physical properties are stronger than most things used for the production in automotive.

“Our focus was to develop a filament that can be used in commercial printers without any change in the printer hardware,” explained Nikhil Gupta, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering who worked on the project.

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More Prosthetics Thanks To Stratasys and Dassault Systèmes

The famous 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys and French software developer Dassault Systèmes have teamed up to make more prosthetics through a start-up.

Unlimited Tomorrow, a personalized prosthetics startup founded by inventor Easton LaChapelle, will be powered by those two and will strive to help more people with disabilities have a better life. Stratasys will give them printers while Dassault Systèmes will give them CAD.

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3D Printed 10,000-Year-Old Brit

Researchers and scientists were shocked to discover that the earliest man known that lived in Britain was not white.

After 3D printing and reconstructing the bones of the famous Cheddar Man, they found out that he does not look like the people in Britain today. The team from London’s Natural History Museum and University College London has revealed the realistic 3D model of the Cheddar Man. Through its DNA and bones, it was proven that he was dark and almost black.

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