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Have Your Own 3D Printed Personalized Cake Toppers

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Have Your Own 3D Printed Personalized Cake Toppers
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Personalized Cake Topper Adds Plus Factor To Your Celebration


On your special day, who wouldn’t want a perfect setup to a T? Anyone wants to be the center of attention at a special celebration. As the celebrant, you would want that unique and personalized idea. From big detail such as the theme up to the smallest detail like a cake topper. 

Yes, your cake topper ought to catch everyone’s attention. Though only considered as a decorative ornament into the cake, personalized cake toppers can add oomph to your cake. No matter how many tier there are.  

Cake topper designs vary. From attention-grabbing and colorful designs, some with pop culture references, vintage style, to minimalist cake topper designs. Through 3D printing, the possibilities are endless. 

There are a lot to choose from indeed but what is most satisfying is you can choose and even have a creative hand to customize it to your liking. 

It is good to note that personalized cake toppers is something that has a unique sense of individuality. This is like showing a part of your personality to your guests. There is no problem to transport your unique design or idea into life with a 3D printer. 

No matter what journey you are in life, there is always a personalized cake topper for you!


3D Printed Bride To Be Cake Topper


Bachelorette Party. Last day to celebrate a woman’s single blessedness. What is a sure fire way to celebrate it? With a party, of course! 

Together with family, relatives, and close friends who know your life and love journey. No party is complete without a bridal shower cake, no matter how small your guests count is. 

Bride-to-be cake topper is a good ornament to signify the end of single life. As well as to start the journey of married life. There are tons of bride-to-be cake topper designs you can choose from on the internet. 

Good thing about this is, you can draw inspiration from those designs and create one of your own. Or for someone close to your heart who is a bride-to-be soon. 


3D Printed Wedding Toppers


Gone are the days with ugly and generic bride and groom wedding toppers. Thanks to 3D printing you can print whatever personalized wedding cake topper you have in mind. You can design it together with your partner and have it 3D printed. 

Plus factor of 3D printed wedding toppers is they are durable. You can use it as a remembrance of your special day. No matter what material you print them on, it can withstand basic wear and tear. How’s that for being sweet and sentimental?


3D Printed Anniversary Cake Toppers


Annual celebrations is something people often look forward to. Be it a wedding anniversary, relationship anniversary, friendship anniversary, and founding anniversary. Cake is always a staple. Plus a beautiful and unique 3D printed cake topper should always be on top, literally and figuratively. 


Let 3D2GO Create Your Personalized Cake Toppers


3D2Go is the only end-to-end solution for whatever 3D printing services you may need. With our experts in 3D designing, we can render whatever idea you have in mind for your cake toppers. Our industry grade 3D printers can deliver high quality results that will suit your taste. 

Let us create that cake topper you have in mind. Celebrate with fancy. Contact us today!