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Dog Prosthetics And Its Benefits

Every pet owners know this: as much as possible, we like to give our pets the utmost love, care, and attention they rightfully deserve. Why shouldn’t we give them those things when all they do is to give us their unconditional love and loyalty.

However, some dogs are less fortunate than the others. There are those who were born with deformities while the others faced an untoward incident.

If there is anything that we never want to see in our lifetime, that is to witness our beloved pets suffer because of a disability.

Good news! You don’t need to be discouraged yet because you can still do something for your pet. With the help of dog prosthetics, you can give your fur-baby another chance at life.

Customized dog prosthetics

Not all dogs are the same. You can’t simply find a ready-made leg prosthetic in your favorite pet shop or it might worsen the situation of your pet.

Dog prosthetics should be fully customized based on the condition of your pet. It should fit them perfectly to allow them to move freely and comfortably. Of course, it is very important to take into consideration the leg structure of your pet.

dog prosthetics

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One of the best and fastest way to produce a dog prosthetics is through 3D printing — or the production of three-dimensional objects from a digital file.

The use of 3D printing technology is a groundbreaking way of creating leg prosthetics that follows the “organic shapes and smooth curves” of the legs of your dog, making it safe and dog-friendly.

It is also best to choose 3D printing because compared to the traditional way of making prosthetics, it is more economical and less time-consuming.

Your partner in 3D printing dog prosthetics

In 3D2GO, we follow a structured and holistic approach in making the “new leg” of your beloved pet. To make sure that it will fit, we employ the 3D scanning method. This will allow us to determine the necessary adjustments that we need to do based on the structure of the legs of your pet. From there, we extract data to create a 3D model. Our expert 3D modelers ensure that the entire process of making your dog’s prosthetics is perfect. And what’s the best about 3D printing? It is the fact that it can be highly customized. This means that you can take part in designing the leg prosthetics that you will give to your dog. The end result? A dog prosthetics that will give the ultimate comfort and mobility to your pet.

Just like you, our hearts for pets — be it a dog, cat, bird, or even a turtle — are big. That is why we strive to produce the best quality pet prosthetics in the Philippine market. You can count on our team when it comes to designing and creating the perfect leg prosthetics.

Our pets only deserve the best.

For orders and inquiries concerning leg prosthetics in the Philippines, feel free to contact us.