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Customized Bobblehead Philippines: Where To “Head” Over To?

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Customized Bobblehead Philippines: Where To “Head” Over To?
Customized Bobblehead Philippines: Where To “Head” Over To?

Customized Bobblehead Philippines: Where You Should Go To Get One?

Customized bobbleheads are one of the most popular 3D print products in the Philippines. It is perfect as a gift for your loved ones. You can do anything on this service as it is highly customizable. On top of that, you can personalize your idea based on the recipients favorite hobbies.


Some are afraid of using 3D printed products because it is expensive. However, it becomes less and less expensive as time goes by. The technology is getting better and they can 3D print now using some more affordable materials.


Despite its popularity, there are very limited businesses that offer 3D printing of bobblehead. As a result, you can only get this product if you are very good at searching over the internet. Good thing you found this article as we will give you more information on what is bobblehead.

How Does Bobble Head Start?

We will not go over every detail of the bobblehead’s origin. So, there was a book in 1842 entitled “The Overcoat” by Nikolai Gogol. In his short story, the Russian writer first references the bobblehead as “like the neck of plaster cats which wag their heads.”


One of the most famous and rarest bobbleheads is the Beatles bobblehead memorabilia in 1964. It is a valuable item for any collectors out there. Meanwhile, one of the most expensive bobbleheads ever sold was a China doll. For $36,000, a collector got a husband and wife Chinese bobbleheads from the 1800s.


On the other hand, the world record for the largest bobblehead is set in McCormick Place, Chicago Illinois. It is a bobblehead of TV show host Chuck Woolery. It weighed 99 pound and 11 feet tall.


As you can see, bobbleheads play a significant part of history. It becomes a representation of some iconic people too. Wouldn’t it be nice if you have a bobblehead version of yourself too?


Bobble Head Philippines: Best Gift Ever!

Now that we already know the significance of bobbleheads in our history, let’s explore its importance on every occasion.


It is already given the bobbleheads are highly customizable. There are a number of ideas that you can do to make it extra special. First, you can dress it with something different. It can be an astronaut or a caveman. You can base it on the receivers’ favorite hobby too.


Ever watch Marvel or DC movies? I’m sure you do. Why not put their heads in a superhero costume? I’m sure they’ll love to see themselves in Superman’s cape or Ironman’s armor. You can also design a bobblehead out of their favorite character in a game.


Bobblehead is also perfect as a wedding cake topper. This will make the occasion very memorable as you can see the bride and groom on top of the cake. It’s like celebrating their marriage with a lot of sweet and happy thoughts.


There are a lot of things you can do to a bobblehead. All you need is a perfect company to do it and a creative imagination. Your loved ones will appreciate the fact that you made a personalized gift for them.


Mini Me Figurine Philippines: For Casual Gift Givers

Now, if you don’t want to be playful with the bobblehead. You can always do a good old-fashioned figurine. Just like a bobblehead, you can customize the wardrobe of the figurine minus the balloon-like head. 


This is perfect if you want to be a formal gift giver. You can give it to your boss as part of an anniversary or birthday gift. It can be a corporate giveaway too for some business gatherings. Your recipient will appreciate your effort and it will not look like you are making fun of them.


They can display it on their shelf or put it on their table. They can also change their clothes like what kids do with their dolls. On top of that, mini me figurines are super cute that you just love to have one of them.


Mini me dolls are a safe gift for all people.  But where is the fun in that? I’d say, get out of there and throw the best ideas you have in mind. Be creative!


Bobblehead and Figurine Maker Philippines: Where To Find Them?

If we convince you that bobblehead and figurine are the best gif ideas, then go to 3D2GO. We have a bunch of features to offer that will surely make your gift exceptional. We are an end-to-end 3D related company. It means we can do everything from scanning to designing your 3D model.


Of course you can do your own bobblehead using clay. However, it might not last long because of the material. In 3D2GO, we are using durable plastic materials so that your recipient can enjoy their gifts.


Experience the magic of 3-Dimensional technology. Contact us today to collaborate about your brilliant idea.