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Everybody dreams of the perfect house, a house that would nicely fit their family and aspirations in life. To achieve that you might need a scale model first. Building model houses is an architect’s job. But if you are capable of doing it, why not try 3D printing them!

Before, making model houses were hard and very time-consuming. You need to use wood or clay and other miniature materials just to make it look like the design you want. However, with advanced technologies we have today like 3D printing, building model houses have never been easier than before.

3D Printing Scale Models Of Different Types Of Architectural Models

Now, there are many types of architectural models. You have working models, presentation models, urban planning models, landscape models, office building models, residential building models, and villa models. There are still more as every building or architecture you see can have a scale model.

3D printed house model

Source: Tiny House Model


3D printed scale model of a house

Source: Chisel and Mouse


How do they make these models? First of all, they make the design, either in a paper straight to the computer. Second, they insert the design to the 3D printer and just wait for it to finish printing, and voila! You have the 3D printed model of the house you designed!

Benefits of Building Model Houses Using 3D Printing

Just like with other 3D printing stuff, 3D printing scale model of houses will give you fewer costs. But that is a given with 3D printing already so we will not count that. The first advantage of building model houses with 3D printing is a better perspective. By 3D printing your model, you will see all the intricate detail of your design. Moreover, tweaking and re-designing your model will be easier.

Secondly, more design possible design can be done. Your scale model will not be one of those generic designs that you can see anywhere. You can put any design you want. It may be geometrically impossible to achieve before, but not with 3D printing. You can try a new design and not be afraid of failing to see them in the 3D version of your design.

Lastly, for architectural firms, most of them use CAD already so they just need a 3D printer to make their lives easier. It will be easy for them to adapt to 3D printing because they have half of the things needed already. Furthermore, their work will have a faster turnaround time more than ever. With 3D printing, it would only take hours to print a design, depending on how big it is. Unlike before that, it can take a day or two or even more.

Now, if they do not have a 3D printer and cannot afford one, there are many 3D printing companies all over the country that will happily print their design. Just like 3D2go that offers end-to-end service for all your 3D printing needs. We do not shy away even from the most intricate design that you can think of!

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