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Become A Personalized Action Figure Of Yourself

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April 24, 2021
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Become A Personalized Action Figure Of Yourself
Become A Personalized Action Figure Of Yourself

Bobbleheads; you are the mastermind

Bobbleheads have been around for a number of years. It has grazed a lot of occasions and gatherings. It has given more life and meaning both for the hosts and the partygoers.

But how is a bobblehead created?

Below is the 3D2GO’s general process for such products:

  1. 3D Scanning – 3D scanning makes it more convenient to capture. It is the process of determining the shape, dimensions, and features of an object. This is done with the help of a  3D scanner. The result is a 3D file. This can be saved, edited, or 3D printed. Here at 3D2Go, we make it easier to get a digital version.  A whole room? A person? We can scan almost any object you desire.
  1. 3D Modeling / Prototyping – Rapid prototyping services create superior quality prototypes. 3d2Go guarantees being ready for any presentation or market validation. Our prototyping service helps businesses turn brilliant ideas into booming products. We can print your prototypes directly from CAD data. We ensure that the printed product is highly-accurate to easily point out improvements. Review a product even before it hits the market!
  1. 3D Printing – 3D2Go offers affordable access to our services for all businesses. From prototypes, replicas, and actual products, we got it covered. Get a wide range of products personalized. Stand out among others

Make your imaginations come to life! 


  • Post Processing – This is simply the last step before getting your hands on your order. 
  • Cleaning
  • Sanding
  • Support removal
  • Coloring after printing


There may be additional steps here and there which will add to the cost. But you can rest assured that we do everything according to your requests as we have a flexible process.

3D2GO as  your very own bobbleheads maker

We don’t just create ideas. We also sell for you to create your ideas.

We have the best performing printers on the market for when you prefer doing bobbleheads yourself. 

Flashforge Creator Pro II 

  • Has two extruders that support dual-color printing.
  • Its enclosed chassis helps protect your printing against cold and heat from the external environment.

Snapmaker Original 

  • Suggested for newbies who want all functions. 3D printer, laser engraving, and CNC cutting. 
  • A 3-in-1 3D Printer that includes laser engraving and CNC cutting. 

Where to 3D print an action figure of yourself

With 3D2GO, personalized figurines with the exact likeness of the subject and other items are now within reach. There are lots of things we can make out of this. We can have this as a personal collection for display, or we can hand them as gifts or souvenirs. This is considered one of the freshest and most unique gift ideas everyone will surely love.

No pandemic could stand in the way of customization. The 3D printing industry continues to strive as we find the best ways to accommodate you.  

Here at 3D2GO, we offer end-to-end services both to the consumer and corporate markets.

  • 3D Scanning
  • 3D Prototyping
  • Designing & Conceptualizing
  • Replication
  • Restoration
  • Scale Model Building
  • 3D Printing
  • Post Printing Service (Sanding and Coloring)
  • Hardware Sales 
  • After Sales Support
  • Reseller Program

All this can be discussed virtually. 

Get in touch with us and have yourself ‘3Dified!’

Send us files in .obj or .stil format in our email address  You can also reach us through our Facebook and Instagram pages today!