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3D Reverse Engineering Benefits for Businesses

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3D Reverse Engineering Benefits for Businesses
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What is 3D Reverse Engineering?

Before taking a look at the importance of reverse engineering, it is only proper to understand what it is for 3D printing purposes.

Reverse engineering is the process of extracting knowledge or design information from a manufactured part in order to reproduce it. The process can be done in two ways:

Manual process Computerized method
Uses verniers or micrometers to take measurements and then hand-sketches the part for an urgent repair job. This process also involves software that helps it reconstruct it as a 3D model.

After the above options, the model is then converted into an engineering drawing. This can be manufactured in the machine shop, or the model loaded into the CAM system and a program written by the machinist.


Reverse Engineering Process Top 5 Benefits for Businesses

In the manufacturing industry, reverse engineering has become an important means to sustain competition. It generally became a tool to understand flaws in the design and re-work for the same. 

The purposes may differ among manufacturers. But it is evident that the rise in the application of reverse engineering and the integration of CAD tools has gained considerable momentum.

So why is this process beneficial to manufacturers? 

Fill Up the Missing Data in Design Information

Reverse engineering is widely applied to discover potential design data that might not be documented. 

It is used to develop full design information about obsolete components. It is of crucial importance to have accurate design data documentation. This is to ensure production efficiency in computer-aided manufacturing.

Figure Out the Reasons for Product Failure

The use of the process is also important in product failure investigation and extending the product’s functional life cycle period. 

If a component, like an engine crankshaft, is showing signs of premature failure, the same can be investigated by applying reverse engineering methodology. Thus critical stress regions or cracks can be identified and further improved.

Improve Manufacturing Processes

The concept of reverse engineering is not restricted to analyzing product designs. It also focuses on manufacturing a product easier and faster without compromising on its performance and quality. 

Identifying an efficient way to manufacture is essential for lean manufacturing. Furthermore, it proves beneficial to the organization in terms of cost savings and quality control.

Becomes Competitive in the Market

Because of the urge to continue ruling the market and to stand equal against the competitors, manufacturers are always bringing innovations in their product.

Creates Reliable CAD Model for Future Reference

It is essential to have accurate design data. It is to ensure production efficiency in computer-aided manufacturing and for future reference. This holds true especially in the case of legacy projects where older technologies might become outdated very quickly and need to be updated regularly.

Most reverse engineering procedures include creating a CAD file that can be examined digitally if future issues arise. Thus it is easier to update legacy products with new components, power sources, and other technologies.

Lastly, it has massively enhanced engineering productivity and product expression.


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