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5 Chinese Lucky Charms for a Prosperous 2017 That You Can 3D Print

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December 15, 2016
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February 3, 2017


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In this coming Year of the Fire Rooster, Chinese New Year lucky charms can be used to enhance your luck for wealth, work, sleep, marriage, family, health and so on.  Here is a  highly recommended list of 3D printed Chinese lucky charms that you can easily make that would help you make your life better. Or if you want one that has best quality, have it designed and 3D printed by 3D2GO.


1) 2017 Year of the Rooster Medallions, Figurines or Coins



photo from: Picclick.ca


Wealth is often symbolized by objects like coins or gold colored medals. Add the symbol of the most auspicious animal that symbolizes the coming year and good things are sure to follow. Just be sure to hang them by your door and windows so that good fortune can enter.


2) Fu dogs



photo from: About.com (Fenshui)

These loyal and fierce Imperial Guardian Lions were placed outside homes of the wealthy. They served as status symbols of the Imperial palaces and temple and protectors. Place a pair outside the front entrance of your home to protect against burglary and theft.


3) Three-legged toad


golden frog

Photo from PlanetFengshui.com

This odd and yet very lucky amphibian is very auspicious for attracting wealth. Many of these statues come with a Chinese coin in the toad’s mouth. Make sure the coin side with the Chinese characters is facing up. Place the toad in southeast sector, facing into the room, and never facing an outside door.


4) Laughing Buddha


golden buddha

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The Chinese hold a belief that the happiness and spiritual wealth of the Buddha grants you material wealth. When placed in the west sector, it grants health and wealth to your children.


5) Dragon and Phoenix


Photo by Peter C. Marquez for Interkasyon.com

The dragon (yang) charm brings career luck your way. Placed in north sector, it’s masculine energies strengthens your position within your company and imbues leadership qualities in you. While it’s feminine counterpart, the phoenix is a remedy whenever used with a dragon to balance yin and yang energies. The phoenix (yin) helps create a new life by rising from the ashes. It is great for south sector for fame and recognition luck.

This abundance of good luck symbols ensures that you can find one you’ll like for this year. You can select from charms that attract good health to you along with others that bring wealth and prosperity.

Anything you choose can improve your life for the better in this Year of the Fire Rooster!


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