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Industry News: Gas Turbine, 3D Printed ‘Smart’ Machine, ‘Girl With Oar’ Statue, High Heels, And 3D Printer

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3D Printed Gas Turbine With Low Emission

Siemens has decided to create a 3D printed gas turbine that will emit a lower percentage of dangerous gases. They have successfully done so. It has been tested and gave very positive results. There was a large amount of CO emissions reduced from the low emission (DLE) pre-mixer for the SGT-A05 aero-derivative gas turbine.

“This is another excellent example of how additive manufacturing is revolutionizing our industry, delivering measurable benefits and real value to our customers, particularly as they look to further reduce emissions to meet environmental targets,” said Vladimir Navrotsky, Chief Technology Officer for Siemens Power Generation Services, Distributed Generation.

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3D Printed ‘Smart’ Machine Helps With Alerting Users

A new device is made! This one alerts people or its users of for damage and wear.

Direct-write technology was used to complete the product. It is an additive manufacturing technique in which semisolid metal ‘ink’ is extruded from a small nozzle while the nozzle is moved across a platform. This process allowed the UConn-UTRC scientists to create fine lines of conductive silver filament that could be embedded into 3D printed components while they were made.

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Pokras Lampas Recreates ‘Girl With oar’ Statue Using 3D Printing

The “Girl with an Oar” sculpture has been recreated by another artist and displayed in Moscow’s Gorky Park. The famous Soviet art was made by Ivan Shadr in 1934. It was 23 feet long and a nude model of a girl. It was deemed too sexy

Now, a modern version of the ‘Girl with an Oar’ has been 3D printing and was “improved by talented ‘calligraffiti’ artist Pokras Lampas, from St. Petersburg, who covered with the body with quotes from modern Russian literature.

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3D Printed High Heels That Is Wearable

Designer Ica and Kostika have made 3D printed shoes named Mycelium Shoe. It is a high heeled shoe. Its texture is like a mushroom but it’s shaped like a curved shark fin from the back of the design and is seen at the end of the wearer’s legs.

The high-heeled shoes also look like it is design for Lady Gaga the singer-songwriter. However, there are actually five pairs of it.

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New 3D Printer In Town!

Airwolf has released its new 3D printer named EVO 22  a Core XY 305 mm x 305 mm x 578mm build volume printer has a 315°C maximum extruder temperature and 160°C maximum bed temperature.

The printer is capable of printing using materials like ABS and PC. The build plate is Borosilicate Glass, it has a 7″ Touchscreen, USB connectivity, and no wifi. It has a QuickChange hot end system, linear guides, a ball screw and carbon and HEPA filtration. It works with Cura based Apex, Airwolf’s software and will be available in September for $11,995.

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