3D-Printed Prosthetics for Pets

Life-Changing 3D Printed Prosthetics for Your Beloved Pets

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For most of us, pets are more than morning jog buddies or night house guards. They are life companions we consider as family, as they should be. And like any family member, our dogs and cats deserve the best. For some of us, pets mean fishes, birds, even exotic animals like snakes, iguanas, and spiders. It doesn’t matter; we love them just the same!

As owners, we protect them from harm as much as we could. We don’t want them to get injured, and when they get sick, we offer extra tender loving care. Nothing spells horror worse than knowing your pet won’t be able to walk because of a broken leg, a birth defect, or limited mobility due to old age.

The great thing is that 3D printing is here to save the day for them. If it works for humans, it sure can work for animals, pets included. In fact, many injured animals now are able to function because of 3D-printed prosthetics.

For one, 3D printing has been used to create legs for dogs and birds, among others. Common remedies for a broken leg include makeshift carts and braces, which we create to aid them in walking and functioning properly. This is all well and good but we want to give them the comfort of using prosthetics. Plus, these improvised remedies are purely temporary. If poorly made, they can even worsen your pet’s condition.

The Benefits of Pet Prosthetics

Prosthetics are really your injured best friend’s “best friend.” With 3D printing, we can create prosthetic limbs in a more economical and less time-consuming way. But above all, it offers the benefit of customization, which is very important in creating prosthetics.

A macaw with a 3D-printed titanium beak. Image: Cicero Moraes

These artificial limbs are custom-fitted, which allows for better mobility. This gives them an energy boost since they expend less energy as opposed to functioning on makeshift remedies or prosthetics that aren’t fitted properly. It allows them to go upstairs and downstairs with ease.

In addition, it gives your pet confidence knowing that they are able to move well even if they are handicapped or injured. Because they are able to do all these, they will have the confidence to mingle with other pets and live a normal life.

Digital 3D Sculpting at Its Finest

Remember that the slightest defect in the production of prosthetics can have a negative effect on your pet’s condition. In fact, it can even be very detrimental. That will never be the case at 3D2GO. As much as you don’t want your pet neglected or handicapped, we feel just the same.

We believe that our heart for animals separate us from other companies. Help your injured pet and entrust the production of their prosthetic limb to us. You can count on our experienced team to design and create the perfect prosthetics for your beloved pet. Neither of you will be disappointed with our work, and that is a guarantee.