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Industry News: Spiderman Fan, Facial Implants, Boats, Nanochon, And 3D Printed Sugar

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Eight-Year-Old Spiderman Fan Gets 3D Printed Prosthetic

An eight-year-old boy named Toby Carrizales has been gifted a 3D printed prosthetic hand. It was tailored to his favorite superhero, Spiderman.

SivaTeja Pati, a biology major at Texas Tech University, was the one who gave the chance of having the 3d printed prosthetic to Toby. He used Makerspace in the University Library. Pati one day wanted to be a doctor and while still finishing his undergrad studies, he became interested in 3D printing technology.

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First-of-its-kind Facial Implant Helps Man Get Another Chance At Life

Carlos Askew was born to a drug-addicted mother and as a result of his mother’s action; he was born partially deaf and with facial deformities caused by hemifacial microsomia.

However, not every part of his life is sad. Dr. Derek Goodisson, a maxillofacial surgeon based in Hawk’s Bay, New Zealand, has helped Askew reconstruct his face. The doctor used TruMatch CMF to create 3D printed patient-specific titanium implants. The implant will hurt and will cost a lot but Sr. Goodison said it will be worth it.

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Autonomous 3D-Boats To Save Traffic Congestion

Self-driving boats will also be a thing in the future!

The boats will be 3D printed and will be designed by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the Senseable City Lab in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP).

The boats are part of Roboat project. As of the moment, the boats are being prototyped and might be in use in the future in cities like Venice, Bangkok, and Amsterdam.

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Nanochon Offers Fast Healing With 3D Printed Cartilage

A startup called Nanochon has won a 3D printing technology program and competition after revealing its plan. They delivered an amazing proposal to investors like GE Ventures, Asimov Ventures, Digital Industrialist, and others.

The award-winning research was about finding new materials for cell growth in nanostructured polyurethane (nPU) structure. They saw potential in 3D printed cartilage and its fast healing properties like cell reformation and growth.

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Sugar To Be Scaffold For 3D Printed Tissues

Researchers have found a new way to do more 3D bioprinting with the help of sugar, specifically isomalt, a type of alcohol sugar.

Isomalt is biodegradable and water-soluble so it can be 3D printed with the use of free-form 3D printing. Using this technique, engineers are able to work with it and use it to print more delicate things like human tissues.

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