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Industry News: Divergent 3D Making Waves In Automotive Industry, Organovo And Viscient Biosciences Plans To 3D Print Liver, ETH Zurich Develops Expandable 4D Prints, Nanoscribe Continues With 3D Printing Tiny Plastic Components, and Denmark’s First Viking King ‘Gorm the Old’s Skull Reconstructed By 3D Printing

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November 23, 2017
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November 28, 2017

Startup Divergent 3D Gets More Than $65 Million in Funding

Automotive industry might get a lot more 3D printed because of Divergent 3D. The startup company is planning to transform the automotive industry and they will do it with the help of additive manufacturing or the 3D technology.

They want to build vehicles that are quicker and lighter but cheaper and will last longer. They have proven that they can do it with their Blade supercar and Dagger motorcycle. Also, its Divergent Manufacturing Platform has shown the public that they can reduce the weight of a five-passenger car up to 50 percent. They can also lessen the parts of the car by more than 70 percent.

Moreover, their plan will help with saving energy and other natural resources and will lessen the waste.

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Organovo And Viscient Biosciences Collaborates To Research More About 3D Printing Liver

Last month, Organovo and Viscient Biosciences have announced that they will collaborate on a project about 3D bioprinting human liver. Organovo is famous for their 3D printing technology advances while Viscient Biosciences is known for the drugs they create to cure liver diseases.

According to Taylor J. Crouch, CEO, Organovo, they are still communicating with other biopharmaceutical companies in assessing their tissue system so that they can create and develop other drugs that will help treat many liver diseases.

Meanwhile, Keith Murphy, CEO of Viscient Biosciences said,” Viscient is a strong believer in unlocking the power of 3D bioprinting to bring cures and treatments to patients with few options today.”

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Expandable 4D Prints Developed By ETH Zurich

4D printing is really growing faster as more researches are being made. Researchers at the ETH Zurich or Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich has developed 4D prints that can be expanded up to 200 percent.

It was professors of Mechanical and Process Engineering, Marius Wagner, Tian Chen, and Kristina Shea that found out that shape memory is a vital tool in making 4D prints that can adapt and control it. These specialized polymers can change its size and expand up to 200 percent with certain pre-determined areas when printed. This new development has opened tons of things for the manufacturing industry.

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German Company, Nanoscribe, 3D Prints Small Plastic Components For Mass Production

Photonic Professional GT, the “world’s highest-resolution 3D printer”, by the German company Nanoscribe has continued to print small plastic components. It has combined its microscopic 3D printing power with serial production technologies.

They have started to 3D print polymer master or molds for it to enable mass production of tiny plastic components. This way, it is much faster and more will be produced.

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Scientists Reconstruct Viking’s Skull After 3D Printing

The skull of the first known Viking king in Denmark, Gorm the Old has been reconstructed by some Danish scientists. The renowned king ruled over Denmark from the year 936 to his death in 958 CE.

3D printing has been used by archeologists many times before to reconstruct artifacts, fossils, and relics. This time they have used it to rebuild the skull of a known Viking. However, it isn’t the first time they did it to a skull of a famous person.  King that they reconstructed was King Richard III.

READ MORE: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20171121-archaeologists-3d-print-and-reconstruct-skull-of-denmarks-first-viking-king-gorm-the-old.html


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