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Industry News: Stratasys Debuts BioMimics, Smallest Fidget Spinner, Donhou Bicycles Unveil SS3 CX/Gravel, ‘Ethereal’ 5D Hybrid Printer, And 3D Improves Radiotherapy Treatment

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November 30, 2017
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Stratasys New System, BioMimics, Creates Life-Like Human Organs

There is a new system that the 3D printing giant Stratasys has released. It is the BioMimics and it will help the medical field.

The BioMimics is a system where users can 3D print highly precise medical models that are printed from different materials. It will positively affect medical students, especially surgeons, who are still studying and new to people’s organs. It will also apply to training and device testing.

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Produces World’s Smallest Fidget Spinner

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is not a toy factory but they have made a fidget spinner. However, it is not your typical fidget spinner. It is the smallest in the world.

They usually print microfluidic, micromechanical, and other micro-scale scientific devices, but they decided to go with fidget spinner this time just to engage young people. They printed a micro fidget spinner that cannot be seen without microscope so it also cannot be used as the usual.

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Donhou Bicycles Creates Its Latest Design, the DSS3 CX/Gravel Steel Bike

Donhou Bicycles, the bike makers in East London, has released their latest creation. The DSS3 CX/Gravel Steel Bike has a 3D printed seat lug.

It is the third of its series and definitely the most advanced of them all. It has a state-of-the-art technology that many bike fanatics are talking about. It has new geometrics and aesthetics design that will surely grab the attention of any biker out there.

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‘5D Printer’ Can Do Additive And Subtractive Manufacturing

The printer from Bangalore, India is making waves in the 3D industry and additive manufacturing. The Halo 5D printer is said to be more than just your regular 3D printer.

Ethereal Machines is a start-up in India that created the hybrid 5D printer. It is said to become the most powerful thing in the coming months. According to Kaushik Mudda, chief executive and founder of Ethereal Machines, though they aren’t the pioneer of this printer, they are cheaper and more efficient.

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Spanish Researchers Use 3D Printing To Create Protective Layer That Improves Radiotherapy

Some researchers in Spain have developed a protective skin layer that will improve the radiotherapy treatment of skin cancer patients.

The team of researchers in Rovira I Virgili University, the IISPV Institute and the Sant Joan de Reus Hospital said the 3D printed material will protect the healthy skin cells from the therapy. Usually, with radiotherapy almost all cells are affected, whether they are cancerous or not. With this, cancer patients need not worry about it.

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