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Industry News: 3D Printed Bridge, Knitting Through 3D Printing, Printable Smart Ink, US Navy, And Micro-Factory

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April 5, 2018
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April 10, 2018

Amsterdam Installs 3D Printed Bridge Over Canal

3D technology company MX3D decided to install 3D printed steel bridge over a canal in the Dutch city. It will be the first-ever 3D printed steel bridge in the world.

Amsterdam is known for its rich culture but they are also known for having an advanced technology and this event has shown that both things can be mixed and it would still be beautiful.

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3D Printed Knitwear

Who would have thought that knitting can be incorporated in the 21st century? Well, some researchers from Carnegie Mellon University did!

The researchers have invented an algorithm that can create 3D printed knitted items from digital 3D designs. There are specific guidelines and instructions that are done by the controlled knitting machine that turns the fabrics into finish products.

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United States Navy Employs 3D Printing Companies

The U.S. Navy wants people who specialize in 3D production, specifically in metal 3D printing, to be part of their organization.

Office of Naval Research has awarded a 3D solutions company, Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) a total of $2.6 million to help them improve ships and other materials used for Navy. The money is part of the two-year contract that will help the Navy incorporate metal 3D printing into their machines.

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Affordable And Innovative ‘Smart Ink’

Researchers created a new 3D printing material, the “smart ink”. Dartmouth College researchers have developed the said smart ink that allows 3D printing of objects that can change color and shape over time.

What smart ink does is also known by many people as 4D printing. However, in this case, it is much more straightforward and cheaper. This amazing breakthrough might change the dynamic and phase of additive manufacturing, especially with biomedicine and energy industry in the coming generations.

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First Micro Factory To 3D Print From Waste

The world’s first e-waste micro-factory is in Australia! The project is made to reduce little by little every year the electronic waste that people are producing. The facility is located at University of New South Wales’ Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT Centre).

It was planned for a few months and it is finally here. “Our e-waste micro-factory and another under development for other consumer waste types offer a cost-effective solution to one of the greatest environmental challenges of our age, while delivering new job opportunities to our cities but important to our rural and regional areas, too,” said SMaRT Centre Director, Professor Veena Sahajwalla.

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