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Decrypting The Importance And Applications Of Rapid Prototyping In The Medical Industry

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July 10, 2018
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There is no question that the medical industry is one of the most important industries we have today. To get the most out of this industry, it pays to use the latest and most advanced technologies we have today.

One of the useful and promising technologies that bring caused the industry to take several leaps forward is the so-called rapid prototyping.

To give you an idea about what this technology is all about, here’s a simple explanation:

Rapid prototyping can be used for building and creating various complex physical models and prototype parts directly from 3D CAD model.

Cutting-edge technology leads to state-of-the-art results

Based on the explanation given above, rapid prototyping in the medical industry gives designers a chance to see beforehand how their concepts would look like once it is printed into an actual subject.

Basically, rapid prototyping is concerned mostly with sample products that help them test the shape and feel of the prototyped product. It lets them see any mistakes or inaccuracies with the product — giving them the ability to address or fix the issue before the actual production takes place. This, in turn, helps them save a significant amount of time and money avoid releasing erroneous products in the market that can cause harm to their well-earned reputation.

But as the technology rapidly advances, so do the applications of rapid prototyping as well.

rapid prototyping

Image source: Supercharg3d

Rapid prototyping is also used in producing models such as anatomical parts for medical applications. These kinds of models help doctors and other medical practitioners see the problem that can only be seen by machines and not by the eyes. Because it is physically available, they can study how they will conduct a particular operation, therefore, avoiding mistakes during the actual operation procedure. This means that rapid prototyping of anatomical parts is a way to save human lives.

Rapid prototyping is also an important process when producing implantations and use of prostheses. It makes the production of prostheses more customizable to the needs and current condition of the patient. To ensure that it is safe, other techniques such as X-rays and NMRI are being integrated with rapid prototyping.

Value for money

There is a reason why many medical professionals love rapid prototyping: value for money.

Rapid prototyping helps them avoid costly mistakes at all costs — both in product production and operation of a sensitive patient case. Being accurate with everything — especially when it comes to the medical industry — builds their reputation. And with a strong image, more patients will surely trust them with their health. As a result, their bottom-line also improves.

The medical industry has always been an important industry. Many people get sick. Many people want to find the cure to their conditions. This is why rapid prototyping has always been a great help as it makes things easier and safer for medical professionals.

The Philippine leader in rapid prototyping

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