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Industry News: Chicken Gets New 3D Printed Feet, Bioprinted Heart, New 3D Printing Material, And Many More

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Industry News: Chicken Gets New 3D Printed Feet, Bioprinted Heart, New 3D Printing Material, And Many More

Debbie Harry The Chicken Gets 3D Printed Feet

Debbie Harry the chicken who lost both of its feet has been given another chance. With the help of Andrew Abissi, West Michigan Aviation Academy engineering and robotics teacher, and his students, Debbie was given 3D printed prosthetic feet.

The chicken Debbie Harry lost her feet after roaming through her owner’s garage for one night. Since the owners were devastated, they took it to social media. That is where Mr. Abissi saw the chance after her wife told it to him. He saw it as a two-way opportunity, for his students and the chicken. The students made it their project and use the school’s facility to solve it.

“It’s made prototyping incredibly easy. The fact that we could keep making new products, you couldn’t do that with injection molding. We have 15 printers so each student can keep working. It takes 30 minutes to print one. It makes the first steps a lot easier in the manufacturing process,” he said.

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First-Ever 3D Printed Human Heart Tissue

BIOLIFE4D has successfully 3D printed a heart tissue. They announced the good news saying they bioprinted human cardiac tissue – specifically, a human cardiac patch.

The Chicago-based medical tech firm’s 3D printed human tissue has multiple cell types like the human heart. Since the company specializes in 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering they used different cells. The patch is going to be used for people with acute heart failure and restore lost myocardial contractility.

The whole ordeal was done in just a few days, shorter than the time they expected. BIOLIFE4D is now aiming to work on other parts of the human organ. They are aiming to make valves, blood vessels, and a mini-heart.

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BigRep Becomes Only FFF Printer Distributor

The German company, Bigrep, is now part of Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC). It is the only distributor and maker of FFF 3D printer in the whole research facility. Having 29 companies, it is one of the leading networks when it comes to research about technology, especially additive manufacturing.

“We are pleased to have BigRep join the DMRC network, as we feel their experience in additive manufacturing solutions will bring a strong additional player to our research efforts on future industrial manufacturing,” said Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Schmid, Scientific Director of the Center at the faculty of mechanical engineering at Paderborn University.

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3D Printing Biological Tissues

One team of Russian researchers have successfully created a new way of 3D bioprinting. This new method is much easier and faster than the complex way.

It is not like the usual way of 3D printing, the new method creates 3D biological objects without the use of layer-by-layer approach and magnetic labels. This one has magnetic levitation in it.

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New 3D Printing Materials Inspire From Mantis Shrimp

There has been much technology that was inspired by nature. Whether animals or plants, land or in the sea, it has, in one way, inspired scientists and researchers in their work.

With this research, scientists from Purdue University and the University of California, Riverside were inspired by a mantis shrimp and its strong features. They have developed a super strong material to be used for 3D printing. The research is specifically okay by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Multi-University Research Initiative, and a CAREER award by the National Science Foundation.

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