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Industry News: 3D Printed Nanotech Device, Black Panther Teaches STEM Through 3D Printing Technology, Sports Fan With 3D Printed Prosthetic, And Many More

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February 15, 2018
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February 20, 2018

3D Printed Nanotech Device Detects Brain Tumors

A team of researchers at Genoa’s Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Italy has developed a hybrid 3D printed nanotech device using nanoscale 3D printing. They reported that the device could help doctors and hospitals to treat brain diseases like cancers.

It works like a blood-brain barrier or BBB. It is a membrane that is very useful and is inside our heads. Formed by brain endothelial cells, the semipermeable barrier allows the passage of things like water and some gases, but blocks certain neurotoxins and other substances.

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Black Panther Teams Up With 3D Printing To Teach STEM

Black Panther has collaborated with a non-profit organization, Mbadika, to teach STEM to kids using 3D printing technology.

Based in Massachusetts, Mbadika is a non-profit organization founded by Netia McCray. The organization’s goal is to create solutions to the world’s biggest problems. They do that with the help of domestic and international innovators. One of their focuses is helping kids learn how to “turn ideas in their heads into reality”. The founder has thought of bringing black kids and teaching them STEM through 3D printing and the cast of Black Panther.

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Sports Fan With 3D Printed hand Gets To Drop Puck At A Hockey Game

A young girl with a 3D printed prosthetic arm has made history because she was the first to drop the first puck at an NHL hockey game. Hailey Dawson was invited to the game between Las Vegas Golden Knights and the Philadelphia Flyers last Sunday. She has also been invited to baseball games to throw the first pitch.

She was born with a rare congenital disease called Poland Syndrome. It has caused her right arm to only have two fingers. She was then given a special prosthetic arm few years ago and it has help her continue to pursue her dream, which is to have many first ceremonial first pitches at baseball games.

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More Chocolate Thanks To 3D Printing

A Rotterdam-based chocolate company, The Chocolate Factory, has decided to take into their hands to fix their malfunctioning machine. They have put a 3D printed component into their chocolate packaging machine.

The 3D printed part, a hook, has maintained the chocolate packaging machines running smoothly and around the clock. They reached out to a Dutch 3D service, Visual First, and they both thought of the same solution. They replaced the hook with the use of FDM technology and Stratasys’ Nylon 12CF carbon-filled thermoplastic material.

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USA Olympic Team 3D Prints Sled

The United States Olympic sled team has teamed up with the 3D tech giant Stratasys to work with their prop. The Luge team has 3D printed some of its components so that they could win the gold medal.

The luge team said they had better and faster performance after some of the parts of their sled was 3D printed. It did show in the Olympics as they entered the top ten and the Olympians were really happy and proud of themselves.

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