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Industry News: 3D Printed Metamaterials, Aerospace Additive Manufacturing, More 3D Technology In Schools, And Many More

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April 12, 2018
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April 17, 2018

Smartphone Cameras Turn Microscope

The UCLA’s Samuel School of Engineering researchers has found a way to turn simple smartphone cameras into a microscope with the help of 3D printing and machine learning.

The researchers have 3D printed a device that, if attached to a smartphone camera lens, it can capture microscopic images. The images are then subjected to deep-learning artificial intelligence systems that increase their resolution and color details. This new-found development can help with the faster diagnostic for areas that are hard to reach.

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3D Printed Metamaterials Used For Turning Sound And Vibration On And Off

3D printing is now used for controlling sound. Researchers have found a new way to control vibrations and sound through a metamaterial.

A group of researchers from USC Viterbi in Los Angeles California in the United States, led by Assistant Professor Qiming Wang and Ph.D. student Kun-Hao Yu, along with MIT Professor Nicholas Fang and University of Missouri Professor Guoliang Huang, 3D printed the material that can block sounds and vibrations.

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Aerospace By Etihad and Big Rep

Additive manufacturing is going bigger with Etihad and Big Rep! The two companies teamed up to research and explore aerospace dynamics more.

They will be making a roadmap with additive manufacturing for the aerospace industry. Big Rep and Etihad Airways Engineering have teamed up for better “3D printing processes and standards for the production of aircraft interiors.”

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UK Schools Team Up With Learnbylayers To Spread 3D Printing Technology

The National STEM Learning Centre based at the University of York in the UK and a 3D printing educational resources provider has teamed up to help school discuss the 3D printing technology to students.

Learnbylayers will be conducting two-day courses that are free for anyone who is interested to join. Also, as a part of their agreement, Learnbylayers will run it with the STEM Learning Centre. The courses will be about “Using 3D printers creatively in KS3 and KS4”. This learning will teach instructors and teachers alike to share it with their students in the future.

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Airbus Installs First Visible 3D Printed Material

Finnair A320 passenger cabin gets it first visible 3D printed part! The European aviation giant Airbus has had many 3D printed parts in their airplanes but in the machine only. However, this time, passengers will be seeing the 3D printed part.

Airbus has used 3D technology in manufacturing and rapid prototyping for years already. Now they will put a 3D printed spacer panel in the cabin of an A320 jet.

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