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Industry News: ‘Olli’, 3D Printed Glass, Paracetamol, And BMW

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Industry News: ‘Olli’, 3D Printed Glass, Paracetamol, And BMW
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3D Printed Car “Olli’ Goes For A Test Run

The 3D printed shuttle is having its test run to see if it is fitted to run autonomously in the streets. As for the moment, it is being tested in the University of Buffalo.

Local Motors created the shuttle together with IBM’s Watson IoT’s AutoLAB. Olli is the first ever self-driving electric vehicle that was co-created by two companies. There are Ollis in Washington, D.C., and Berlin already. But the forward-thinking technology is brought to the campus to sustain it.

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3D Printed Glass As Arts

An artist and architect, Tobias Klein has explored what 3D printing can do for glass and arts. He was an Artist in Residence at the Pilchuck Glass School and that was where he started developing the method. He also thought of glassblowing and glass casting for fabrication.

“In order to explore this relationship I planned two lines of inquiry into glassblowing and glass casting,” Klein says. “Additionally, I set up a dialogue between the materials and processes used in the resulting objects and examined the advantages and restrictions occurring in the translation between digital and traditional methods.

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3D Printed Personalized Medicine

Since people have different reactions to medicines and dosages, doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies are finding new ways to address the problem.

One company, FabRx have thought of 3D printing to allow a personalized dosage for every medicine for each person needing it. Moreover, according to a new study, it can also be adjusted for the metabolism rate of the individual taking the personalized medicine.

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3D Printed Roof Bracket For BMW’s i8 Roadster

The famous car company has been using 3D printing for its cars for the last 25 years, it ain’t nothing new for the manufacturer.

However, this time, they did not only use 3D printing for the creative part of the car but has integrated the technology in the car itself. For their latest i8 Roadster, they have decided to try a 3D printed roof bracket, and it resulted to an amazing car.

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