How 3D Architectural Walkthrough Services Are Transforming The Property Sector

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How 3D Architectural Walkthrough Services Are Transforming The Property Sector
How 3d architectural walkthrough services are transforming the property sector

Why is a 3D walk through presentation beneficial for construction services?

Immersive tech such as VR is finding applications in the property industry. From detecting architectural flaws before a brick is laid to helping vulnerable people sell their homes while still social distancing from one another.

The process of purchasing a house requires a buyer to make numerous viewings, study the floorplans and use their imagination to determine whether the property’s spaces could serve their needs. 

But virtual reality (VR) is helping buyers to explore potential new homes without stepping outside their doors, offering them interior design simulations and virtual walk-throughs. 

The tech is not only useful for estate agents. VR and augmented reality (AR) are becoming powerful tools for construction managers and architects. They can be used to analyse designs and solve problems on larger-scale projects as well.


Helping clients visualize their dream home through a 3d walkthrough video

Architecture firms are using VR to showcase yet-to-be-built residential properties to prospective buyers, inviting their input before construction begins. This makes home design a more collaborative effort. 

Using headsets, hand controllers, and VR software, the architects are able to walk their clients through their virtual designs. 

Many clients find traditional 2D drawings hard to interpret. Thus, VR offers an intuitive way to evaluate spaces, offering insight into room proportions, lighting, and window views. 

For instance, a VR walk-through of a planned house with views of Mount Rainier allowed clients to envisage how the volcano would look from its windows, giving them greater confidence in the architect’s concept.

Features such as latitude, time, and date can be entered into the system, which can demonstrate how natural light would move through a property throughout the day. This has enabled clients to make choices such as whether to install a pool in the garden or not, depending on how much time it would be exposed to the sun.

It’ll be really valuable for sales when VR becomes more realistic. That will create a real emotional impact, which architectural renderings just can’t achieve.

Different design iterations can also be made and flicked through in VR. As a result, it helps clients decide how to use a space. For instance, the buyers of a converted barn were shown different functions for it, from a dance hall to children’s bedrooms.

All of this helps to manage people’s expectations. It lowers stress levels and reduces the chance of a last-minute scramble. One of the most expensive and unhappy things is a client not understanding what they’re going to get.

Furthermore, there’s an environmental benefit. Fewer meetings in person are required.


Affordable virtual tours for buyers and renters with 3D2GO’s flexible 3d walkthrough price

Over the past 18 months there has been a significant increase in the number of estate agents using virtual viewings to let buyers assess their properties while preventing unnecessary journeys during the pandemic. 

Tours, which are opened via a hyperlink in an email invitation, can be controlled by the agent or the client. They are accompanied by the agent’s narration as they walk through a property together. 

It’s the closest thing someone can get to a real-life viewing.

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