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Get Your Own 3D Printed Miniatures!

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November 29, 2013
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December 11, 2013
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Get Your Own 3D Printed Miniatures!

Have you ever pictured yourself as a miniature like a cute little version of yourself? It does sound thrilling especially when all the details and characteristics are achieved – life-like, but radically tiny. Sure, we have seen awesome caricatures on paper, bobbleheads made from ceramics or clay on a regular basis when going to the malls and gift shops. A few years ago, we haven’t seen fully-detailed works that are extremely personalized since nothing can pull this off perfectly until 3D printers were introduced.

3D printing is an innovative technology that allows digital computer model to be created automatically into a real solid object. The process is simple though, as you may assume it’s quite complicated. First, a tool will be scanning all over the contours of your body from head to foot, 360 degrees, to note down all the details (even your wrinkles and other specific features of your body) required. Once the data from the scanner has been completed in the computer, 3D artists will quickly recheck it and prepare it for printing.  You can choose from an array of 3D printing materials such as ABS, polyamide, resin, rubber-like to name a few options.

A click of the mouse on the ‘print’ button will start to showcase the amazing things 3D printers can do. Layer by layer, the model will progressively take shape. On the other hand, production time may vary; depending on what 3D printer is being used (the latest models prints faster). After a few minutes or a maximum of more than an hour, the miniature is in. A few options may also be available for finished products like the finishing touch/texture, colors and stuff (depends on the materials used).

With 3D printing, collectibles such as personalized miniatures with the exact likeness of the subject and other items is now within reach. There are lots of things we can make out of this. We can have this as a personal collection for display, or we can hand them as gifts or souvenirs to our loved ones and friends. This is considered as one of the freshest and most unique gift ideas everyone will surely love. Get to the nearest 3D printing shop nearby and have yourself ‘3Dified!’