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Building Designs, Landscapes and Topography Using 3D Printing

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In the not-so-distant future, 3D printing will change the way buildings are designed and built and might be a sign of a new aesthetic.
As a matter of fact, 3D printed houses and other large infrastructures have already become a reality. A family — the first in the world — had even moved to a 3D printed house recently.
It is an extensive and long-term vision that aims to build more affordable houses within a shorter time frame. Once it becomes a reality, it can lead to a   major disruption in the construction industry.

3D printing for architects and builders

Commercializing of the building of actual structures using 3D printing is not yet common. Many experts and organizations are still in their development stage.
Meanwhile, architects and engineers have long been using 3D printing technology when making a scale and/or topography models.

How does 3D printing help?

There are several reasons why many architects and engineers love it. Some of which are outlined below:
  1. Faster process. Unlike the traditional method, using 3D printers when creating scale models saves a lot of time. Once the digital design is uploaded, the 3D printer will do the task autonomously. Architects and engineers can then focus on other tasks. Another good thing about this technology is that they can print several similar designs within a matter of hours. Unlike creating the model manually, they don’t have to start from scratch because they can already use the prototype file. This is especially helpful for construction companies that need many versions of the scale model which they will use for their sales marketing.
  2. Easier to change. Because the design is available digitally, modifying it for correction is easier. There’s no need to redraw the entire infrastructure anymore. With a few adjustments, you’ll have the file ready for printing in no time.
  3. Precise scale models. Several advanced 3D printers are now available in the market which can produce highly-detailed scale models. Some printers can even print the model based on its actual color — no need to spend extra time in painting it anymore.
  4. Portable. Scale models can be printed using lighter materials which makes it easier to transfer from one place to another. Aside from that, it also allows builders to print a file wherever they are and whenever they want. Long-distance collaboration is also possible with the use of this technology. For instance, an engineer who works in Cebu can ask a 3D modeler from Manila to create him or her a digital design of his or her on-going project. If the engineer has a 3D printer on-site, he or she can ask the 3D modeler to send over the file then proceed to print the project.
3D printing can become very beneficial for architects and builders.  A designer’s ability for 3-dimensional ideas and thoughts is promptly overpowered when it comes to the evaluation of drafts for bigger structures.
As a result, details have become more important since the ability of architects to present the quality of their work in the most realistic way is highly required in their field.
3D printing is, in fact, suitable for this kind of presentation. Assessing the proportions and dimensions of a particular will be easier because of these 3D models. So to a greater extent, builders count on the benefits of 3D printing for key presentations.
The convenience and other advantages of this technology make 3D printing a top choice for most builders and designers today. It makes designing easier and presentations a whole lot cooler than the traditional one.

Where to find 3D printing companies in the Philippines

The 3D printing industry is still young in the Philippines. Many Filipinos might not hear about it yet but the number of people who have seen the benefits and potentials of this technology is increasing.
If you are one of those people who wanted to try this technology for a personal or corporate project — or you’re only curious with this technology — you might be wondering which among the several 3D printing companies in the Philippines should you choose.
3D2GO, the premier one-stop-shop in the Philippines, is one of the best options today. It offers an end-to-end service which starts from 3D scanning up to 3D printing.
The company had also handled several scale model projects from huge construction companies. With its quality line of 3D printers and skilled 3D modelers, the company can guarantee their clients that they’ll get what they expect
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