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Present Your Airplane Model Using 3D Technology

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Man has indeed come a long way since learning how to fly. There have been numerous breakthroughs on aviation technology focused on safety, speed, and fuel efficiency, among others. If the Wright brothers were alive today, they would surely be overwhelmed at how the technology they pioneered has been exceptionally useful to mankind.

Along with those breakthroughs comes 3D modeling. It has become so big that there is even a 3D flying scene in the UK and perhaps in other parts of the world. Enthusiasts create 3D model of airplanes and fly them, trying different maneuvers. It has made quite an impact that almost every other R/C plane that comes out of the market today has some kind of 3D capability. Manufacturers keep an eye on flight patterns without losing focus on directional control, propeller thrust, airborne weight, airflow over the wing, and other important aspects of a flight.

Exploring the Human Spirit of Ingenuity

Because 3D technology has made it possible to create precise digital representations faster and more efficiently than ever before, it is now easier to make an airplane model. Believe it or not, this procedure has come to our local shores, thanks to another breed of pioneers, 3D2Go.

It doesn’t matter if you are an aviation engineer or a father looking to build a toy airplane for your boy; we have the solutions for all your strict requirements. Obviously for the former, extra attention is needed, and we at 3D2Go are always up for the challenge. We have made everything accessible, from 3D designing to printing and beyond.

A Lowdown on the Process

When designing a 3D airplane, it is important to note the maximum build volume. That’s because when scaled down for small printers, the small parts may lose detail. This may eventually lead to print failure. That is why it should fit properly, without any need for other fittings and adhesives. Parts are printed hollow to ensure surface quality, proper weight, and of course, efficiency of material.

As implied, the parts are printed separately to ensure supreme quality. Contact us at 3D2Go for our recommended settings for best results. For the materials, use something with low warping properties like PLA as it also offers great adhesion to glass. As opposed to ABS, PLA sticks well onto the platform so it won’t knock over the print as soon as the lever forces begin to intensify.  Of course it’s a case by case basis so it is best to consult the experts.

Presenting Your Airplane Model

Now go ahead and explore the vast flight possibilities and build your 3D model airplane. Consider us your guide from design to assembly. We may even give you some presentation tips so you can better relay your ideas. If you have any questions, simply contact us by giving us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to attend to your concerns. Count on us to answer all your questions about airplane modeling.