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Industry News: Largest Lens In The World Is 3D Printed, NASA Starts Habitat Project With $2M Budget, Amsterdam 3D Prints 2 Sofas From Waste, More Additive Manufacturing In Europe, Chinese University Wins Race Because Of 3D Printed Car Parts

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New Yorkers Will See The Largest 3D printed Lens in Feb

World’s largest lens will be heading to New York in Times Square this coming February 1st. Two design teams, Aranda\Lasch and Marcelo Coehlo has created the “Window to the Heart”. It will be specifically placed at Father Duffy Square, between 46th and 47th Streets.

It is there to help the people of New York celebrate the month of love and Valentine’s Day. They are the winner of the annual Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition. The heart lens was 3D printed Formlabs.

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3D Printed Habitat Challenge Has Started

NASA has officially started their 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. It is a competition that encourages amateur inventors to solve the mystery of building houses using 3D printing in space.

It is already the phase 3 and this project has $2 million budget. It is supported by the United States government as they want to improve the space explorations.

According to Monsi Roman, program manager of NASA’s Centennial Challenges, “The ideas and technologies this competition has already produced are encouraging, and we are excited to see what this next phase will bring.”

She further elaborated that “The solutions we seek from our competitions are revolutionary, which by nature makes them extremely difficult.” “But this only fuels our teams to work harder to innovate and solve,” she added.

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Amsterdam Leading The Way To 3D Printing From Waste

There are two 3D printed sofas that were made up of 3,000 plastics each. It is part of their “Circulaire Expositi” or in English, “Recycling Exhibition”. The said sofas are in Stadhuis town hall.

The European city has been leading the way in 3D printing technology especially with using household waste. They are part of the city’s commitment to a more sustainable and cleaner society.

There are also other featured things in the event. The Circulaire Expositie also has garments that were made from recycled King’s Day waste.

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More Additive Manufacturing In Europe

The European Association of the Machine Tool Industries, also known as CECIMO, has been promoting additive manufacturing in Europe for years. Now, they are taking the next step and involving the European Union in their progress.

The industry has brought some policies that need to be reviewed by the EU. Also, they have released a plan that will focus on fast prototyping, layered manufacturing, Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM), and additive manufacturing (AM).

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Farsoon Technologies Collaborates With Chinese Universities To Build 3D Printed Race Cars

It looks like the 3D technology has reached even the racing part of the world. Racing cars, bikes, and other mobiles have been influenced by it.

Recently, the China-based company Farsoon Technologies has released their FS271M metal 3D printer. They have also released their industrial plastic laser sintering eForm. The company has been working with some Chinese universities to further develop some ideas.

They joined the Chinese University Student’s Formula Race Car Competition. They have gathered tons of studies about racing cars and have implement 3D technology into it.

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