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Industry News: 3D Printed Rick, 4D Printed Hydrogel, Artificial Ears, Engine Parts, Multi-powder Printer

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Cartoon Character Rick From “Rick And Morty”

3D Print Guy has 3D printed a cute and tiny version of Rick from the famous animated show “Rick And Morty”. The specific look of Rick was from the season two episode “Big Trouble In Little Sanchez”.

3D Print Guy used ZBrush to create the 3D printed Tiny Rick. However, he also used Mari as a 3D painting tool for the coloring. Thanks to this guy, other “Rick and Morty” fans can have their own 3D printed Rick because he made the 3D files available to his website.



4D-Printed Smart Hydrogel Material That Transforms

Rutgers University-New Brunswick in New Jersey has created a 4D printed smart hydrogel that can transform and recreate its shape.

It is actually a 3D printed smart hydrogel but since it can change its shape it is now associated with 4D. When it is being exposed to different temperatures that are the time it changes shape. This new development can be used for engineering tissues.



China Creates 3D Printed Artificial Ears

Chinese researchers have done an amazing job with 3D printed ear-specific cartilage for children that suffer from microtia.

Microti is a hereditary condition where the external ear (pinna) is underdeveloped. The researchers have made the ears with the help of 3D scanning and 3D printing.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the National Tissue Engineering Research Center of China, the Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Wei Fang Medical College, and Dalian University were the ones involved in the amazing project.



CSU Hornet Racing Car Gets A Boost By 3D Printed Engine Parts

Carbon DLS 3D printing was used to improve the performance of CSU Hornet for some school racing. It has redesigned some parts of the car’s engine and replaced it with 3D printed materials.

The Honda CBR600RR series had a makeover, its 4-cylinder engine has been 3D printed it out of RPU 70 material, adding some customized design features. The performance of the car has increased by 43 percent.



Aerosint Multi-powder 3D Printer

Aerosint has successfully developed and designed a 3D printer that can have different powder in one printing.

The Belgian 3D printing company has produced the “first multi-material powder bed 3D printing process”. It has been dubbed as such and it has also enabled zero waste and extensive material possibilities. They used multi-powder dispensing technology and a dispenser with multiple patterning drums (one per powder type). It selectively deposits fine powder voxels line by line.



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