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Industry News: 3D Printed Bionic Hand, Dentures, Fluid Gel, 3D Printed Food, And Bio Ink

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April 26, 2018
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Vietnamese Pilot Gets 3D Printed Bionic Hand After Losing It In A Plane Crash

Dinh Van Duong is the Vietnamese pilot who got 3D printed bionic hand. He is a pilot that lost his hand when a plane crash happened and he was the only survivor of the crash. Because of that, he underwent 24 different and difficult surgeries.

After those, a Vietnamese company, 3D Master Company, provided Duong a 3D printed bionic hand, which can be controlled by his own brain. Though the process was long and hard, the company successfully gave Duong a working hand with five working fingers.

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3D Printed Dentures With Anti-Fungal Function

The State University of New York at Buffalo researchers has created a new design of dentures with the help of 3D printing technology. The said dentures can treat a fungal infection that develops in the mouth of people that wear dentures. Not like the old ways of treating the said fungal infection, these 3D printed dentures need not be removed.

“The major impact of this innovative 3D printing system is its potential impact on saving cost and time. The antifungal application could prove invaluable among those highly susceptible to infection, such as the elderly, hospitalized or disabled patients,” said Praveen Arany, DDS, Ph.D., the study’s senior author and an assistant professor in the Department of Oral Biology in the UB School of Dental Medicine.

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Fluid Gel Improves 3D Bioprinting For Softer Human Tissues

Soft human tissues can now be replicated easier by 3D bioprinting thanks to the newly discovered fluid gel.

Researchers at the University of Huddersfield in the UK have solved the problem in bioprinting, which is the low viscosity of the materials used in it. With their newly developed fluid gel, it can be used as a tool for suspension of biological materials.

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Researchers 3D Print Electronics And Biological Cells Directly On Human Skin

For the first time, researchers have successfully 3D printed electronics directly onto human skin!

The team of researchers from the University of Minnesota has studied the cheap and portable 3D printer to use it for making functional electronics onto the back of a human’s hand. There was a special motion-sensing system that was used while the process of 3D printing onto the hand was happening to prevent errors because of the human’s movement.

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South Korean Researchers Want To 3D Print Food For Nutrition Purposes

3D printing food is seen by researchers from South Korea as a way to strengthen people health. They want to use 3D printing food for nutrition purposes.

Jin-Kyu Rhee, associate professor at South Korea’s Ewha Woman’s University, stated that they wanted to use the technology to make customized food items that will fill up a person’s nutritional needs. They will be using basic powder ingredients while controlling the structures at nano-level through 3D printing.

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