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  • 3d Coating Spray

    The 3D Coating Spray is a ready to use suspension of white developing particles in a fast drying solvent. It produces an opaque white coating to prepare shiny, translucent or very dark objects for a 3D scan. Simply spray a thin layer of whiting onto the surface, which will make it matt and bright. A thin layer will even preserve fine surface details below 0.2mm. The whiting can be washed away easily with a brush or water and sponge.

  • Calibration Panels

    This package contains precisely manufactured cardboard panels (300*420mm) with calibration patterns in different sizes, as they are required for 3d scanning with DAVID-Laserscanner.

  • David 4 Upgrade

    This software allows inexpensive 3d scanning of objects and surfaces.


    The mightiest software package is the DAVID 4 ENTERPRISE version. Beside the well known DAVID features it offers you several measurement tools to make capable quality inspections. To automate those features, a main part of this version is DAVID SDK. It allows you to include DAVID into your own hardware/software environment. You can automate the scanning and analysis process, or wrap it into your own graphical user interface. Multiple scanners and client software can be distributed over various computers and operating systems, communicating via Ethernet or Internet.

  • David Laserscanner Pro Edition 3

    This software allows inexpensive 3D scanning of surfaces. All you require is a video camera (e.g. webcam), a line laser (you will find suitable, cost-efficient laser modules in this shop), and a “corner” as background.


    This software allows inexpensive 3d scanning of objects and surfaces.

  • Desk Scan Lever

    With the new DSL-1 you can mount the SLS-2 much easier right on the table – for example at workstations. The scanner is free adjustable in every direction. No more disturbing cables, no more tripping hazards – simply more performance.

  • SLS Camera

    The brand-new DAVID USB CMOS Monochrome Camera captures 25 frames per second at a resolution of 1280 x 960 px

  • TT-1 Turntable

    In combination with the DAVID 3D Scanner Software (since Version 4) it will make 360° scanning much easier. The scanobjects are simply placed on the TT-1 and subsequently you can rotate and scan automatically in different angles by using the DAVID 3D Scanner Software.