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What Are the Importance of Laser Scanning Services in Restoring Historic Buildings?

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Around The World With Lidar Services In Less Than 80 Days
July 17, 2021
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What Are the Importance of Laser Scanning Services in Restoring Historic Buildings?
What Are the Importance of Laser Scanning Services in Restoring Historic Buildings?

Let’s check out some restored historical buildings using laser scanning services.

Laser scanning services have been helping a lot of industries in several ways. One of these is about preservation and restoration of historical buildings.


We all know that preserving these places will help us understand the cultures of our ancestors. 


Therefore, improving the 3D scanning in building restoration means more application for the service.


Applications of Laser Scanning Services in Building Preservation


So far, one of the few applications of laser scanning service in building preservation is the reconstruction itself. 


A combination of 3D scanning, modeling, and analysis will determine what part of a building they should restore.


The technology can also determine if an infrastructure was severely damaged by weather or pollution.  On top of that, it can also see any vandalism inside and outside the historic site.


Another application of the laser scanning services is about creating an architectural archive of every infrastructure.


Several experts including architects and archaeologists collaborate to scan as many buildings as possible.


What’s the implication of this move? For starters, you can save the architectural design of the establishment if it’s irreparably damaged. 


Thus, you can either recreate it in another area or study the integrity of the infrastructure.

What Historical Places Restored Using Laser Scanning Buildings?

Notre Dame Cathedral – Paris, France

The construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris started in 1160. After 700 years, the integrity of the church declined and demolition became a serious option in 1830.


Fortunately, Notre Dame survived the demolition plan thanks to citizens’ initiative to restore it. For more than 9 centuries, this cathedral became the greatest example of Gothic architecture.


However, on 15 April 2019 a fire destroyed the spire, lead roof and oak frame of Notre-Dame. 


Fortunately, Prof Andrew Tallon, an architectural historian from Vassar College in the USA had captured the entire cathedral using a Leica Geosystems TLS in 2010


That accurate and detailed scanned image of the building will be of tremendous help in obtaining a faithful reconstruction of Notre-Dame in its original state.


Liuhe Pagoda – Zhejiang province, China

The Liuhe Pagoda or Six Harmonies Pagoda in China has experienced several rebuilds since its original construction in 970 AD.


Human factors and forces of nature are some of the reasons why the Pagoda’s architectural condition is slowly decaying. 


It might be hard to restore this monument considering the size of the Pagoda. All in all, the size of it is like a 13 storey building.


In 2013, a team started scanning the interior and exterior of the infrastructure which took 6 months to finish. 


They will use the data they gather to analyze which area they should put supporting columns during the restoration phase.


The team scanned the building using a compact 3D laser scanner resulting in 23 billion 3D points.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bohol – Bohol, Philippines

In 2013, an earthquake devastated the majority of regions in the Philippines. 


Of all places, Bohol received the most damage as most of its UNESCO World Heritage Sites are either in a bad condition or totally destroyed.


Fortunately, a team in the Philippines began utilizing 3D laser scanning to digitally preserve these historic places. 


The data, which is in the high-resolution point clouds ensure that they can restore the buildings again should another disaster happen again.


Some of the restored infrastructure are Baroque churches erected during the Spanish colonial era. These are Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte and Sta. Maria Church in Ilocos Sur. 


The famous San Agustin Church in Intramuros and Miag-ao Church in Iloilo are also part of the restoration project.


Statue of Liberty – New York City

In 2019, the team of Paul Davidson, an architect in New York City, spent 10 nights inside the Statue of Liberty to complete a laser scan of its interior.


Davidson partners up with U.S. National Park Service Historic American Buildings Survey for this project. 


The main goal of the initiative is to create a unique virtual tour for guests to see the landmark. This includes a 360 degrees view in the crown and access to restricted areas of the Statue.


On top of that, they also want to use this to research the integrity of the infrastructure. They’re planning to work on a reconstruction should anything happen to the statue.


Opera House Theatre – Rhode Island, USA

The Opera House Theatre in Newport, Rhode Island is one of the oldest surviving theaters in the United States. 


It is the home of many memorable performances that entertain Americans in the 19th century.


A team tasked to restore the historic building and make it a functional hall for 21st-century performances.


The company uses a Leica BLK360 laser scanner to analyze the integrity of the Opera House Theatre. They still want to preserve the classical design of the building so that new generations can appreciate it.


According to Liz Drayton, Opera House’s head PR 


It (Opera House Theater) has always been a testing ground for new technologies, new ideas and new performances. By restoring this theater, we are simply returning to the Opera House’s origins.”


Royal Palace – Madrid, Spain

The Royal Palace of Madrid is the official residence of the royal family in Madrid City. 


The palace has 135,000 m² of floor space and contains 3,418 rooms. Thus, making it the largest functioning royal palace in Europe.


In 2018, a project began that aims to have a record of the interior and exterior of the palace. However, due to its wide space, it might take weeks or months to finish off this project.


Fortunately, they were able to accurately gather all the information using a 3D scanning technology from Leica Geosystems.


They were able to identify the exact number of rooms and dimensions of each quarters. On top of that, they can examine each room and determine which are in need of restoration.


How Much is a 3D Scan Service for Building Restoration?

There is no definite price when it comes to 3D scan service for building restoration. The estimated price could go from a couple of thousands to millions of pesos.


You need to consider the overall complexity of the project. 


For example, some service providers will increase the price depending on the size of the infrastructure.


But, if you’re afraid that you might spend a fortune in building restoration, you can always buy your own scanner. The price of the scanner depends on their usage and purpose.


With this in mind, here are some of the pricing for 3D scanners in the market:


  1. SOL 3D Scanner – Estimated Price: ₱33,559.34
  2. Matter and Form V2 – Estimated Price: ₱35,959.86
  3. HP Z 3D Camera Scanner – Estimated Price: ₱25,877.66
  4. CALIBRY Handheld 3D Scanner – Estimated Price: ₱290,882.07
  5. David SLS-2 Estimated – Price:  ₱157,234.39


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