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This Week in the 3D Printing World: 3D Printed Titanium Hearing Aid, Motorized Orrery, Antibacterial Prosthesis, and More

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July 13, 2017
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This award-winning 3D printed motorized orrery is totally mind-blowing

  • WidgetWizard has 3D printed an astoundingly intricate motorized orrery—or a mechanical model of the solar system—complete with eight planets and their respective moons.
  • Finding out how coveted the information is on how to make a 3D-printed orrery, WidgetWizard published an instructable guide in making the project—complete with a full set of instructions, necessary tools, gear ratios, et cetera.



3D Printing in Mass Production: IKEA Announces the Upcoming Release of Its Unique 3D Printed Collection

  • IKEA, a furniture retail company, announced that they will be releasing a unique OMEDELBAR collection next year.
  • The said collection features a mesh-inspired design of a stylistic, deconstructed human hand which can be used as a decorative jewelry holder or a piece of unique wall art.



Sonova introduces first 3D printed titanium hearing aid

  • Swiss hearing solutions technology company Sonova started 3D printing customized hearing aids made from titanium.
  • The casing of the 3D printed titanium hearing aid is 15 times stronger than the shell of an average acrylic device, making it more durable and resistant to water. The device is also 26% smaller than the company’s average product, making it no bigger than a fingertip.



Johnson Matthey 3D prints with precious metals to produce anti-bacterial prosthesis

  • While most 3D printed prosthesis carry little risks of infection, implants—by their nature—pose a greater risk. Addressing this, the researchers are developing specific 3D printing techniques and surface materials to reduce the possibility of infection.
  • As part of the consortium, Johnson Matthey is investigating 3D printing precious metals, currently embedding silver into the 3D printing process. Producing cranial implants in hospitals often involves use of a titanium sheet molded around a 3D printed implant. This is then sterilised to reduce the risk of infection but the research team believe this can be further eradicated with the use of anti-bacterial silver.



Marines See the Benefit of 3D Printers in Combat Zones

  • The use of 3D printers in combat zones offers obvious benefit, and now the Marines have plans to use them for maintenance of gear, as well as more rapid production for supply chains.
  • 3D printing can eliminate the hassles of the contemporary ‘factory to foxhole’ method. With 3D printing, an on demand mini-factory can be brought directly to the military site.



A shell upgrade for Seemore the sea turtle

  • Seemore, a sea turtle with an injured shell, is set to receive a more permanent solution for her ailment from a team of University of Minnesota students.
  • The team had to learn sea turtle anatomy to render a 3D digital model of the shell. The CT scan will allow them to make their model, which will aid in coordinating the design of Seemore’s prosthesis.