This Week in the 3D Printing World: 3D-Printed Bioactive Glass Scaffolds, Robots for Search and Rescue, Metal Parts for Classic Mercedes-Benz Models, and More - 3D2GO Philippines | 3D Printing Services

This Week in the 3D Printing World: 3D-Printed Bioactive Glass Scaffolds, Robots for Search and Rescue, Metal Parts for Classic Mercedes-Benz Models, and More

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Here’s a weekly round-up of the best news and updates from the 3D printing world!


Tissue regeneration using 3D-printed bioactive glass scaffolds

  • Researchers are integrating sophisticated methods like 3D printing techniques and materials such as bioactive glasses to develop customized implants and scaffolds that easily dissolve in the body and are then substituted with new tissues.
  • Bioactive glasses, the phosphosilicate materials with calcium and sodium, strongly adhere to tissues and other surfaces for growth of new cells and tissues within the body.
  • 3D-printed architectures made from bioactive glass can be employed for innovative solutions in scaffolding, medical implants, surgery, and dental implants.



Telescoping 3D-printed robots developed to help in search and rescue

  • Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania has developed a novel concept of telescoping structure that can be used in search and rescue operations.
  • As the researchers explained, “a telescoping structure can be thought of as a sequence of extensible components which can be referred to as telescoping shells. Intuitively, each shell represents a rigid piece of material with an interior cavity shaped to accommodate subsequent smaller shells which we call children.”



Who needs the Paris climate accords when you have 3D printing?

  • 3D printing is still developing and is only now spreading to mass production. But in the next five to 10 years, it should account for a sizable share of industry. As it matures, it will improve companies’ environmental performance in multiple ways.
  • 3D printing is just one of the many technologies we’ll need to draw on to prevent catastrophe. The solution to climate change is not primarily government regulation or the Paris Climate Accords; it’s the people and companies that spewed out the emissions on the first place, once they see a profit.



3D-printed models help shorten surgery time for common hip disorder in children

  • In a recent study, researchers showed that allowing surgeons to prep on a 3D-printed model of the patient’s hip joint cut by about 25% the amount of time needed for surgery when compared to a control group.
  • Researchers said that the time saved for each surgery would translate into at least $2700 in savings.



Fresh off the 3D printer: metal parts for Mercedes-Benz trucks

  • Mercedes-Benz trucks has announced the production of its first metal 3D printed spare parts. The components were produced for classic truck and Unimog models.
  • The 3D-printed parts for the classic Mercedes-Benz models are thermostat covers for installation in a truck’s engine. These are made from an aluminum/silicon/magnesium alloy and 3D printed using the selective laser melting technique.