3D Scanning for Sculptures With Ciane Xavier

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November 20, 2021
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3D Scanning for Sculptures With Ciane Xavier
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The Integration Of 3D Scanning for Sculptures For Ciane Xavier Art Works

Ciane Xavier is a Brazilian-born and Philippine-based artist who always thinks of ways to create art and blend innovation to add value to her work through 3D sculpture

Ciane discovered her inner artist while she doodled on her new apartment walls here in the Philippines. It was then that she realized that her soul was the real artist. She taught herself how to paint and sculpt. She learned how to work with various materials and integrate them into her work. 

Because of Pop Culture, Ciane is able to explore more into the boundaries of modern society. Her art aims to touch upon globalization and the distractions of the millennial Era. Her characters also serve as an exploration of the human soul. 

It symbolizes power, fragility, vulnerability, and eternity while still retaining a sense of vagueness. This is mostly because she wants to encourage dialogue and question the thoughts of her audience.

Ciane has adopted digital technologies for digital sculpting and even 3D scanning to 3D printing, then oil painting to create her out-of-this-world sculptures. 


Connecting & Disconnecting

3D technologies coexist with endless possibilities when it comes to the creation of realism in art. Belonging to a generation who grew up with 3D outputs – video games, movies, and simulators – 3D technology has become a natural part of everyday life.

Ciane, being a part of the generation, lets her audience unlock the power of the imagination with the help of 3D outputs. By looking at the made-up concept into reality based on the viewer’s perspective. 

Her artworks are not your typical human sculptures. Ciane’s universe is a dominion of human reflections that are lost in the conquest of their true selves. Furthermore, her decorative style of art is defined by fanciful humans, animal forms often interwoven with foliage or similar figures that may distort the natural into absurdity, or caricature-like.

Connecting and disconnecting is Ciane Xavier’s solo exhibit. It is about humanism. The exhibit shows the blending of machines with the biology of humans. Moreso, it also talks about the importance of human life with the nature of caring deeply about things that directly impact one’s self.

Ciane believes that before we learn to be post-human or transhuman we need to learn to be human. Thus the need to connect and disconnect.


3D Scanning for Art, Sculpture and Foundry Applications

Over the years, 3D2GO has completed hundreds of 3D projects that involve replicating, enlarging, and reducing sculpture. 

With 3D scanning services Philippines and other equipment, we guarantee to capture and produce high levels of detail for an artist’s maquette or original sculpture. These details can be enlarged to any size.

It also doesn’t matter if your sculpture is of monumental proportions. We can reduce the need to create full detailed miniatures with our rapid prototyping services. Because our equipment is portable, we can easily travel to your studio, public site, or even scan live models.

Our full-service 3D scanning to 3D modeling have ranged from sculpted massive doors to small garden ornaments. 

Listed below are some of the 3D services we have continuously provided for our sculptor clients:

  • 3D scanning – Can be done at 3D2GO studio or your own facility with our portable high-resolution 3D scanning systems.
  • 3D data editing – Our team provides the highest quality “watertight” files that is ready for 3D printing or CNC milling.
  • 3D printing and CNC milling – With years of experience, we can provide expert advice on the best solution for making your copy, enlargement, or reduction into a physical reality.


3D2GO, the Philippines most trusted full service 3D scanning provider!

Within minutes, our 3D scanners can fully capture the 3D shape of existing buildings, landscapes, and other large objects. 

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