10 Kitchen Life-Hack 3D Printing for DIY Projects

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10 Kitchen Life-Hack 3D Printing for DIY Projects
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The right time for some crazy kitchen DIY projects

The world is upping its game when it comes to creativity. But they also aim for something that can be advantageous aside from being quirky and aesthetic.

That only means one thing. It’s time to up your own game and get 3D printing to DIY projects in the kitchen for some useful, functional kitchen prints!


Make Kitchen Impossibilities Possible!

It’s true that most utensils can be bought at your local store. Moreso, the fact remains that these utensils are generically common. So when it comes to kitchen remodeling, it’s not really complete if you can’t find every utensil and kitchen item you need to fulfill even the craziest chore unthought of.

Some of the most useful 3D printing for DIY projects are quirky, aesthetic, and advantageous. Get these different innovative kitchen utensils and be the most “chef” you can be at your own home!


1. Pot lid holder

Are your pans always rolling about and close to breaking when you open your cabinets? Believe it when we say we can get them in place with 3D printed wall-mounted lid mounts.

Nothing a few screws can hold in place.

2. Egg separator

A pretty self-explanatory 3D printed product. It literally helps you separate the egg yolk from the egg, leaving you with just the whites.

Here at 3D2GO, we make sure that our 3D printing filaments are food-safe. 

3. Kitchen Fork-Tong

By kitchen tong, we don’t mean the usual tong used to grab food from your pan. What we mean is a 3D printed tong that can hold 2 spoons or forks and serve as the tong ‘hands’. Through this, you can grab food better as compared to the usual tong ‘hands’.

No food slipping as you can have better grip control with this.

4. Low Profile Tablet Holder

Your kitchen table may already be full of your utensils and ingredients. And of course, we know how you would prefer to keep gadgets away from ingredients.

Why not 3D print a tablet holder that you can attach to a cabinet ceiling so that you can watch cooking shows while keeping your gadget safe from accidents?

5. Bag Holder

This may not exactly be a kitchen utensil. But it definitely is something that can be useful for when you carry a bunch of grocery bags.

Simply 3D print a bag holder with hooks for each bag and one big holder that can fit your fingers perfectly so you can carry more than one bag in a hand. More arm space means you can shop for more ingredients.

6. Spatula Holder

Sometimes we need to place our spatulas on the counter as we wait for our food to simmer a little longer. But there is a worry that even if you’ve wiped your kitchen counter, there is a big chance that germs will still stick to your spatula. We don’t want anyone to get food poisoning as the worst-case scenario.

We suggest printing a spatula holder. Like other products in this list, we will use food-safe filaments in printing.

7.  3D Backsplash Tile System

It’s no secret how we all want to keep and maintain the aesthetics of kitchen design. But it’s a common problem when your dish gives water and composite backsplash while boiling on the cooker.

You can 3D print a tile system that will keep your wall paintings intact and beautiful.

8. Ravioli Maker

If you particularly love pastries and confectioneries, this product should always be present in your kitchen.

Most times you use spoons, knives, and other things to shape out the dent. And most of the time, it just doesn’t come out how you originally imagined it to be. This 3D printed product perfectly brings out the dents on your pastries.

9.  Popcorn Seed Separator

We know how much you hate biting seeds accidentally in the middle of your movie watching. This is why we came up with a product that will separate the unpopped seeds popcorn from the popped ones.

This will surely get you the seedless popcorn for a better movie experience!

10. Bag Dispenser Lid

This bag dispenser lid is very good for cereal and coffee bags among other things. It helps seal and keeps your cereal safe from insects and moisture.

This is a very innovative and useful kitchen tool because it avoids a tear opening for pouring it out. No need for those rubber bands that still let some air in. 


3D Print Your Kitchen-Life Hacks With 3D2GO!

There are plenty more 3D kitchen print ideas that our 3D printing services can offer. After all, it’s not solely about design. But it is also about the effectiveness and convenience a kitchen utensil can be. 

Don’t have time or the right equipment?

Get in touch with us in our email address management@my3d.com.ph. You can also reach us through our Facebook and Instagram pages today!