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This Week In The 3D Printing World: Taiwan 3D Kickstarter Campaign, $6 Trillion 3D Printed Materials, Kids Using 3D Technology In School And Many More

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October 5, 2017
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October 10, 2017

Kickstarter Campaign Of T3D Very Successful

The Taiwan Tech company T3D Tech has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund their project smartphone 3D printer. The startup company has achieved their goal of $35,000 in less than two hours and has surpassed it. Now they have more than $117 grand.

The Taiwanese company is using a special resin for their 3D printer that is sensitive and will react to light. This is the second time a company has tried this method. However, the first one, ONO, failed. This time, it looks like T3D might succeed.



$6 Trillion Worth Of 3D Printed Things Will Exist In The Next 40 Years

According to a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation ING, the 3D manufacturing will increase. It will produce over 25 percent of all the things that will exist in the next 40 years. It will equal to $6 trillion worth of goods.  

It might affect global trading and countries like the United States, China and Germany will be gravely affected. As 3D printing will be more available, people will start 3D printing their things like car parts and other materials. Manufactured goods will decrease 50 percent or even more by 2060.



Ghost Gunner Lets People 3D Print Serial-Free Handgun

The latest update of Ghost Gunner will let people 3D print their very personal handgun that is serial free. According to Wilson and Defense Distributed the gun will be very identical to the original and store-available handgun. They will most likely be AR-15s.

However, there are many setbacks regarding their plan especially after many mass shootings occurred this year. Many politicians and CEOs are against the idea. However, Wilson and Defense will push through the idea.



Kids Uses Solidworks App In School

SOLIDWORKS team has created an app for kids that let them use 3D to create models. Marie Planchard, the head of education program at SOLIDWORKS said it was the time that schools and kids learn how to model things in 3D instead of 2D in papers using pencils.

The app is available in the cloud and is not the one in a desktop. It is easy to use and has been deemed “Editor’s Choice” at NYC’s Maker Faire by the Apps for Kids.



GE Healthcare To Open 3D Center In Europe

GE, one of the pioneers of 3D printing will be opening a 3D center in Europe. It is exactly located in Uppsala, Sweden and will be called the Innovative Design and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center for Europe.

GE Healthcare is planning to bring more cost saving and technical improvements in the medical field. The laboratory in Europe will use metal and polymer 3D printers. They will also have robots, or “cobots.”


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