The Best 3D Printing News of the Week | June 10-16

This Week in the 3D Printing World: 3D Printed Surfboard Fins, Best 3D Printing Materials, Tires That Never Die & More

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June 16, 2017
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June 20, 2017

Here’s a weekly round-up of the best news and updates from the 3D printing world!


Surfing the 3D Printing Wave: The changing face of Surfboard Fin Production

  • Manufacturers of removable fin systems make exceptional products, but the current manufacturing process involves injection moulding, which is very expensive.
  • Enter three dimensional (3D) printing. We have developed, designed and 3D printed surfboard fins made from composite materials, and have built and trialled prototype fins with flexibility similar to those available in shops.



Best 3D Printer Materials: Ceramics, Sand, Food, Organs and More

  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum inaugurates the world’s first 3D-printed office building, which was 3D printed by WinSun.
  • Applications include everything from the manufacturing mundane, like 3D printing sand cores for sand casting, to those bordering on science fiction, like 3D-printed food, organs and buildings.



3D Printed Tires That Never Die!

  • Michelin is currently exploring this opportunity with this incredible 3D printed airless tire system they’re calling the “Visionary Concept.”
  •  It is made of recycled materials and it is also fully recyclable at the end of its life.



HP expands its 3D printing, additive manufacturing footprint in Asia Pacific

  • HP said its 3D printing portfolio will be available across Asia-Pacific as it has forged partnerships to expand its reach in China.
  • The company, which has been expanding its reseller and commercial reach for its Jet Fusion 3D Printing portfolio, announced pacts with two Chinese 3D printing services to build out a network of 50 facilities.



Can You Guess What 3 Industries Are Getting Innovative With 3D Printing? Hint: It’s Not The Tech Industry.

  • According to Manufacturing Business Technology, 3D printing in manufacturing is becoming more accessible and easier to use, despite some remaining limitations surrounding the speed and scale to which additive manufacturing can be used in the industry.
  • In recent years, 3D printing in the medical field has made the leap from science fiction to science fact. 3D printers are being used to accomplish some unprecedented — and incredible — things.