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April 13, 2018
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3D design is a pearl of technology used inside and outside the design industry. You have probably heard it everywhere. Chances are, you may have even used it if your company provisions.

But only if you are a designer.

3D technology has changed the way designers work. From planning and even until production, everything is faster and more efficient. As it gets more accessible to households, we can only expect our quality of life to improve in more ways than one.

Here we list down some of the uses of 3D designing and how they impact businesses, and ultimately, all of us. We at 3D2Go believe that more is in store as the technology matures and as people dig deeper into it. Just some of the things that can be designed using 3D technology are buildings, automobiles, parts and components, and all kinds of machinery and all sorts of consumer products.

Designing, First and Foremost

Naturally, the 3D design is most advantageous to professionals who rely on illustrations such as architects and designers. Gone are the days when they depend on the 2D design which does not give them the speed and precision they need. With 3D technology, they can better finish projects, as well as prepare for problems and even solve them as they come.

Blueprints are fine but a full 3D rendering seals the deal. A 3D model offers accuracy never before seen with 2D drawings. Moreover, it can be manipulated more easily and at any time during the planning and design processes.

Concept Development

Anyone who is in the business of selling an idea or product knows that 3D designing is an extremely valuable tool. It allows them to see things in a whole different perspective. When you are able to bring an idea to life, you are giving more information to consumers than what a static image offers.

3D technology has likewise allowed people to get a hold of an actual 3D model, so whether you are talking about a new consumer product or a real estate development, you know you have exceptional detail and perspective. In addition, 3D technology allows for more design freedom. Because you have less regard for limitations set forth by traditional techniques, you can accomplish what may be deemed less practical through other manufacturing methods.

Branding and Presentation

Attract consumers’ attention by creating an eye-catching logo or a brilliantly crafted presentation. With proper branding and presentation aided by 3D design, a small business can appear big in the eyes of consumers and even industry professionals.

When your business attends trade shows and conventions, there is no better way to make the most out of your booth than using 3D design. Sure, a simple 2D sketch can fill spaces but a beautiful 3D model allows you to get a feel of the space on the day of the show. This enables you to take the role of the attendees so you know what appeals to the best.

Here are 3D2GO, we want to help our customers achieve the best that they can. If you want to design something and turn it into 3D, just contact us!