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Industry News: 3D-Printed Fin, ‘Age Suit’ For Young Individuals, 3D Body Scanner, Ceramic Dental Fixtures, And Customized Cancer Cells

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January 12, 2018
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January 16, 2018

Stroke Victim Uses 3D-Printed Fin To Swim Again

3D printing technology is not only for making prosthetics, it is also used for helping people to be mobile again. A person that has experienced stroked and has a body part that does not move anymore, like the 16-year-old boy from Barcelona who got to swim again thanks to the 3D-printed fin.

Through the CIM Foundation of Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Pedro got over his spasticity when 2 students from the Design and Engineering for Product Development took up the challenge and helped him.



Young People Wear ‘Age Suit’ To Feel What It’s Like Being Old

A design studio in Poland created a suit that can make young people feel what it’s like being old. By using the “Age Suit”, these young individuals can feel what old people are feeling with their body.

The “Age Suit”, which was made from PLA and other materials, stops movement and mimic the feeling of old people. Since elderly bodies are frail and not as strong when they were young, simple chores like Walking, bending over, sitting, getting up, and stairs can be very hard.



3D Body Scanner Used For Clothing

A polish company has created an amazing scanner named scan3Dmed. It is used to scan human bodies in just 0.7 seconds.

Since the tech is amazing, a Japanese clothing company, Untika Garments Technology Ltd, will now use it for their inspection and quality of the clothes they are selling. They will use scan3Dmed to see if people are really comfortable with the clothes they are selling.



China Uses 3D Printing Technology To Fix Dental Health

China’s Porimy 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd has created a high-tech ceramic 3D printer. The start-up company is under Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute.

They have also invented a ceramic material that goes with the 3D ceramic printer. They have also registered the material and got permission to 3D print dentures.



3D Printing Custom Cancer Cells To Be Done By Cellink and CTI Biotech

Swedish bioprinting company Cellink and the French tech firm CTI Biotech has joined forces to create 3D-printed customized cancer cells.

By using the 3D printed cancer cells, doctors and scientists can understand it more. Cancer research will expand and it will help thousands and millions of people worldwide. It will be done by replicating patients’ cancer cells with the use of CTI’s bio-ink.


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