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6 Best 3D Printed Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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June 12, 2018
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One special day is approaching again — the Father’s Day — where we celebrate the greatness of our beloved fathers. On this particular day, we are given the chance to give back for all the things they have given us. These includes their golden advice, witty stories, and significant sacrifices that helped us become the person we are right now.

We know that they have given so much to us that we often have a hard time thinking about how we could repay them. But here’s the good news, even a simple gift that came from our heart will go a long way. The question is, do you what that thing is?

To help you decide the perfect gift for your father, we have listed six 3D printed gift ideas that your father will surely appreciate.

  1. Bobbleheads

    father's day gift ideasBobbleheads never go out of style — especially it looks exactly the same as your father. Go and choose the best photo of your father, send it to us along with other important details (desired posture, attire, et cetera), and there you have it: a little version of your beloved dad! It’s perfect as an office or home display because this will always remind your father how important he is to you.

  2. 3D printed car accessories
    father's day gift ideas

    Source: Thingiverse

    There are many car accessories sold in the market. But there is one thing that sets 3D printed car accessories apart: it’s personalized. All you need to do is to let your imagination run wild. You can design an accessory that is based on his favorite sports or hobby. Or if you don’t know how to use 3D modeling software, our team of expert 3D modelers at 3D2GO got you covered!

  3. Vehicle part replacement

    father's day gift ideasSometimes, car parts replacement is hard to find in the market. If this scenario is familiar because you often hear your dad complaining about unavailable parts, then it’s time for you to take action.

  4. Gun scale model

    father's day gift ideasThis is perfect for fathers who like shooting sports. Bring his interest into a home display and give him a 3D printed gun scale model — either you want it to have the same or smaller size.

  5. Chess set
    father's day gift ideas

    Source: 3ders.og

    If your dad loves to play chess, or even other kinds of board games, this is a perfect choice. Spend your day playing with your dad while reminiscing about all the good memories you have with him while you are still young.

  6. Organizer


father's day gift ideas

Source: Etsy.com

Help your dad organize his table with this 3D printed organizer. Of course, it comes with style like this Deadpool 3D printed organizer. If you have something in mind, tell us your idea for the perfect organizer and we will happily print it for you.

The 3D printed gift ideas listed in this article serves only as a guide that will help you in deciding the perfect gift for your father. Observe what your father wants, or find out if there is a particular thing that he really needs at the moment.

In the end, keep in mind that the best way to show your appreciation to your dad is by saying and showing him how much you love him. Material gifts are just a bonus; it’s the thought that really counts.

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